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Yeh Aman (1971)

Yeh Aman (1971)

Yeh Aman (1971)
Cast: Nisho, Jameel, Sangeeta, Iqbal Hassan, Adeeb, Allauddin, Talish, Saqi, Shahid
Director: Riaz Shahid
Nutshell: A film that broke the spirit of a man who was a national treasure as one of few who regarded cinema as artistic expression. His films may have had a slant not everyone would agree with but for their time they were frequently among the finest cinema this nation has produced. Yeh Aman left him broken and disillusioned because the Censor Board cut his masterpiece to shreds. He was never to recover.

The film lives on and here it is discussed by renowned Pakistani Cinema Journalist and Historian, Yaseen Hameed:

Yeh Aman (1971) reviewed by Film Historian & Journalist, Yaseen Hameed.