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Qurbani (1981)

Qurbani (1981)

Qurbani (1981)
Cast: Shabnam, Nadeem, Master Khurram, Nimmo, Aurangzeb, Hanif, Najma Mehboob, Jameel Bismil, Ejaz Akhtar, Najma Begum, Chakram
Director: Parvez Malik
Nutshell: A stupendous desification of The Champ with a bit of Kramer Vs Kramer thrown in to match audience taste to perfection.

Qurbani brought together one of the most successful triangles in Pakistani cinema with Shabnam, Nadeem and Parvez Malik regrouping for his adaptation of Franco Zefirelli’s The Champ with a touch of Kramer Vs Kramer thrown in for the perfect concoction. It went down like a bombshell with the audiences who shed a flood of tears…a favourite hobby.

Below the film is reviewed and analysed by Film Historian and Journalist Yaseen Hameed. Please CLICK on the link below.