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Dil aur Dunya (1971)

Dil aur Dunya (1971)

Dil aur Dunya (1971)
: Asiya, Habib, Rangeela, Saiqa, Munawar Zarif, Sultan Rahi, Nanha, Mumtaz, Ali Ejaz, Changezi, Chun Chun, Najeeb, Naina, Meena Chodhary, Sudhir, Mohammad Ali, Iqbal Hassan, Allauddin, Afzal Khan, Nazim, Adeeb
Director: Rangeela
Nutshell: Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights given a unique Pakistani backdrop with surprising expertise.

The idea of a comedian stepping up as a director, an actor and a singer took the industry by considerable surprise and there was massive suspicion and speculation but Rangeela proved the doubters horribly wrong by scoring the biggest hit of his very long and topsy turvy career. The film is reviewed, revisited and some amazing facts are revealed about its production and the way people responded to it. Film Historian and journalist Yaseen Hameed reflects upon Dil aur Dunya – please watch the video clip below.