Khamosh Raho (1964)


Khamosh Raho (1964)
Cast: Deeba, Yousuf Khan, Mohammad Ali, Gul Rukh, Meena Shori, Tarana, Zeenat, Fomi, Abbas Nosha, Neelofar, Jaswant, Aslam Parvez, Tariq Aziz
Director: Jameel Akhter
Nutshell: Gritty, unflinching look at the underside of the beast with a star making performance by Mohammad Ali and career high for Meena Shoorey.

A gem of a little film, beautifully crafted, written and performed. Meticulous and relevant. Even more impressive considering how films have deteriorated over time. A Pakistani Classic, reviewed and revisited especially to honour one of Pakistan’s greatest performers of all; the legendary and much loved Mohammad Ali. Film Historian revisits KHAMOSH RAHO in the link below.