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Mussarat Shaheen – Shama

Mussarat Shaheen – Shama

Mussarat Shaheen continues to lead the pack in the realm of Pashto films and claims Tariq Shah needs to learn some chivalry.

Mussarat Shaheen vents to Shama’s reporter on her movie set – June 1992

These days there are numerous new stars on the horizon and every second producer is casting a “new face” in their productions but there is one star who manages to maintain her position at the top even though many are vying for her spot.  Shahnaz Khanam, Saba Shaheen and Babra Raj are among those who are in contention while Yasmeen Khan has faded away yet Mussarat Shaheen has seen no erosion at all in her popularity. 

Recently she has starred in a hit film that has been a super hit which she also directed.  Prolific producer Aziz Jehangiri has been praising her as a very hard-working artist who has many talents at her command.  She has a very strong character and is full of determination and self-belief and yet she is humble, god fearing and pious.  This is what I respect most about her.  She is the one artist who I have an enormous respect for.

Speaking to Shama on the set of her upcoming film Insan Bikta Hai at Bari Studios she said she has just done some scenes with Tariq Shah and he has asked her for dates for his new production but she has already made commitments and asked him to speak to those producers to accommodate his film but he declined to do so.  I wasn’t too thrilled about his attitude as he seems to be asking for favours and seems to forget that his film Khan e Azam spent three years lying in the cans unsold until I helped to get it distributed and sold. I can barely tell you how unappreciative he was in that regard.  He failed to compensate me as I deserved and there was an unpaid balance which he had his bank stop payment on for which I was extremely disappointed!