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Chakori – Shama Q&A

Chakori – Shama Q&A

Chakori’s Q & A session with Shama Magazine’s readers from 1981

Chakori has a quickfire Q & A session with the readers of Shama Film Magazine in early 1981.

Q – You appear to have almost stopped signing films with Kaifi.  Any reason?

Ans – Where did you hear this?  I have never told any producer that I won’t work with Kaifi.  It is up to the producers to cast a film depending on the script and characters, its not really up to the actors.  If I am signed to play opposite Mustafa Qureshi or Sultan Rahi I will never tell them to replace them with Kaifi.  As for films with Kaifi, plenty of new ones are due!

Q – Why don’t you appear in more Urdu films?

Ans – I would love to but sadly the way our industry works, once you are a success in a film of a particular kind and language you are immediately type cast and offered almost all roles only of that type and in that language.  My initial success was in Punjabi films and thus I am cast because of that though I would love to work in good Urdu films too.

Q – Are you married? If so, to whom and do you have any kids?

Ans – Bhai, you already know very well that I am married and to whom and its only natural that if I am married, I would also have children.

Q – Loved your role in Milay Ga Zulm Da Badla!

Ans – That gives me a lot of encouragement. Thank you!

Q – Have you ever worked with Waheed Murad?

Ans – I haven’t yet had the chance to work with him but would love to work with him in future.

Q – Did you discuss marrying Kaifi with your parents?

Ans – In our culture girls are expected to consult their parents about everything in life and make decisions accordingly to and with the blessings of their parents.  I may be an actress but I am also a woman and I respect my parents wishes and advice in all aspects of my life.

Q – It is said that you have signed for a Sindhi film?

Ans – I have worked in Sindhi films before and will do so in future if there are any good offers.

Q – How many films have you done?

Ans – I am not able to recall the exact number.  Maybe Shama can help in this regard at some stage.

Q – Do you think the “new culture” (Nai Tehzeeb) creates “immoral people”?

Ans – No culture teaches people to be immoral or “bad people” but there are always those people who will try to exploit others for their own reasons.  If somebody starts to drink alcohol, is it the culture that is responsible or the individual?

Q – You stopped working in Sindhi films?

Ans – When I was in Sindh, I worked in Sindhi films.  Since moving to Punjab I have been very busy with films here and have a big work load yet I have no issues working in movies in Sindh and hope to do so in future given the right circumstances.

Q – Why did you leave Hyderabad for Lahore?

Ans – For work and to support myself.  I will always have a place in my heart for Hyderabad though.

Q – When did you discover that you wanted to be a performer?

Ans – ever since I became conscious.

Q – You are Sindhi and yet you married a Punjabi man?

Ans – We are all Pakistanis and it is unremarkable for someone from Sindh to marry someone from Punjab.  We are Muslims and can marry within our community regardless of nationality.

Q – What do you to in your spare time?

Ans – I hardly have any spare time but if I do then normally, I think about how my work will be viewed in my upcoming release.

Q – Did you have any problems with Ghazala after marrying Kaifi?

Ans – I never had any issues with Ghazala

Q – Do you use wigs or false hair in your movies?

Ans – I have been blessed with a thick head of hair but I use wigs if the role requires it.  I never use wigs in my private life and often don’t use any make up either.

Q – What are your hobbies?

Ans – Other than films I love flowers and wish my home was overflowing with them.

Q – Are you satisfied with the roles you have played?  Is any role special for you?

Ans – Actually since coming to Lahore I have been cast mostly in Punjabi films and the roles are all very similar to each other which is a bit boring.  I would love to have more work in Urdu films if possible.

Q – Has your voice been affected by all the screaming and shouting in the Punjabi films?

Ans – For sure!  I often get a sore throat but it’s a requirement of our Punjabi films.  “Loudism is the temperament”.

Q – You mostly appeared as a dancer in your early films?

Ans – Is dancing not an art?  I was cast as a dancer in early films but have been cast in further roles since.

Q – Your age?

Ans – I don’t know my age but I do know that old age is still some way away.

Q – How did you feel appearing in front of the camera for the first time?

Ans – Very happy but very nervous too

Q – Your thoughts on Sultan Rahi?

Ans – A fine artist and a man with a generous heart.

Q – Did you get bored working with Kaifi?

Ans – Why would I get bored working with a fine artist and director? No, not at all.

Ten years later…

The Return of Chakori – (10 years on in 1991)

Chakori started out with Sindhi films but then made the move to Lahore and Punjabi films after landing many offers and strong roles. Of late she has been absent from movies but has decided to make a return and several producers have already started casting her.  Recently some snaps of her from the film Choron Da Shahenshah have been released and it is hoped that she is soon back to the same prominence and success that she had been earlier.

Illness ravaged Chakori and she died in 2010 before she even reached old age at just 50 and of course her ambition of working alongside Waheed Murad also remained unfulfilled. She was a fiery performer and those who have watched her in her pomp will have a difficult time forgetting her.