Shama Film Magazine Awarded Sultan Rahi with the accolade of “Man of the Millennium” due to his massive contribution to Pakistani Cinema over his career. Here are just 68 reasons why…

Shama Magazine and most Pakistani cinema followers and historians recognize Sultan Rahi’s massive influence on popular Pakistani cinema over his long career and following is a list of interesting facts that support their claim.

1. Started as an Extra and ended up as the lead actor in countless films and broke all records of popularity that ever existed

2.  Starred in above 600 Punjabi films which is a World Record

3.  featured as the solo “Title role” of no less than 200 films “in and as”

4.  over 300 features as Hero and in the title role which is another World Record

5.  over 350 films as the title role – a World Record

6.  played the title role in 125 directors movies – a World Record

7.  featured in over 100 debut films on new directors – World Record

8.  featured in over 50 films in the debut films of a director in the “Title Role” – World Record

9.  featured in over 100 films scripted by Nasir Adeeb in and as the “Title Role” – World Record

10.  Featured in 77 films with a single star Anjuman in and as the “Title Role” – World Record

11.  played the “Title Role” in above 100 films also starring Bahar, Mustafa Qureshi and Humayun Qureshi – World Record

12.  played the “Title Role” in 26 films made by a single director, Masood Butt – World Record

13.  in 1989 he played the “Title Role” in 26 films – A World Record

14.  Won above 60 Awards for the films in which he appeared in the “Title Role” – World Record

15.  played the “Title Role” in the most Double Diamond, Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver Jubilee films than any other – World Record

16.  Most Diamond Jubilees of all including Basheera, Sultaan, Sidha Rasta, Wehshi Jatt, Shareef Badmash, Jeera Saeen, Toofan, Maula Jatt, Wehshi Gujjar, Athra Puttar, Chan Varyam, Sala Sahab, Sher Khan, Raaka, Rustam Tey Khan, Dara Baloch, Sholay, Akhri Jang, Kalay Chor, Majho, Lawaris, Bala Peeray Da, Sakhi Badshah.

17.  over 100 films in which the title song is picturized and devoted to a single star

18.  Won 6 awards for Ghunda and 9 for Sakhi Badshah – a Record

19.  Provided careers for scores of directors whose entire careers depended on Sultan Rahi but he himself didn’t rely on any director.

20.  was on top of Punjabi films for 30 years with 25 to 30 films per year in which he played virtually the same character with the same style, clothes, manner etc.

21. played the title role for 30 debuting directors as well as their successors.

22.  Won scores of awards playing the same character

23.  on 106 occasions he had two or more films released on a single day.

24.  had 35 films as hero released in the single year 1989.

25.  Numerous directors had failures along their careers but Sultan Rahi ruled for over 30 years.

26.  Played the most amount of characters than anyone else in his career

27.  worked with over 100 directors

28.  had over 200 films with Wajahat Attre as the music director

29.  worked with above 100 Music directors over his career

30.  worked with over 100 lyricists over his career

31.  worked with above 200 debuting artists during his career

32.  over 17 films in which he played a double role

33.  Scored Silver Jubilees in numerous cities of Pakistan

34.  Appeared in more “remakes” than any other actor

35.  Frequently remakes have failed but in the Malangi remake as well as Chan Varyam and Raaka, Rahi scored a solo Golden Jubilee and combined Diamond Jubilee.

36.  Kalay Chor is the biggest double version (language) hit and the only one that managed a diamond jubilee run

37.  Pindi Wal, Kaun Shareef Kaun Badmash, Badmash, Zindagi, Sher Khan and Majho were completed in two to three weeks and were big hit films.

38.  Pakistan has had 4 Diamond Jubilee films to date; Maula Jatt, Sher Khan, Sala Sahab and Aina.  The first three feature Sultan Rahi.

39.  Starred in more films than any other actor worldwide

40.  the only star with a huge amount of Box Office success

41.  The only star who scored a diamond jubilee hit posthumously

42.  Starred in one of the only “art films” of Pakistan Yeh Adam

43.  Played the same character in Wehshi Jatt, Maula Jatt, Jatt in London and Roshan Jatt

44.  Acted opposite more leading actresses than any other hero

45.  acted in more than 40 roles with his heroine in the title role.

46.  Was most popular with Anjuman, Aasia, Saima, Mumtaz, Najma, Gori and Nadira over the years

47.  Has had 25 films with Najma and Gori. 50 with Saima and Mumtaz, 75 with Aasia and 100 with Anjuman

48.  starred with two real sisters Gori and Anjuman simultaneously

49.  Sultan Rahi and Anjuman’s is the world’s most successful pairing with over 100 films together

50.  Rahi played the title role in 39 films starring Anjuman

51.  3 of his films with Anjuman released on the same day each went on to complete diamond jubilees.  Chan Varyam, Sher Khan and Sala Sahab

52.  Rahi and Anjuman scored diamond jubilees with Rustam Khan and Dara Baloch and with Aasia, Wehshi Jatt and Shareef Badmash scored Diamond Jubilees back to simultaneously

53.  Sultan Rahi has more films released on Eid than any other with 100 of them being “Title Role” films

54.  in 1979 Sultan Rahi had 6 films released on Eid alone

55.  The only actor with solo jubilees in one cinema alone

56.  The film Bashira didn’t have any distribution in main cinemas so Aslam Dar released it in C class cinemas where it went on to complete Diamond Jubilees all over Punjab

57.  Wehshi Jatt is the only film to complete a solo Platinum Jubilee in the main cinema which it started its run at.

58.  Wehshi Jatt is the biggest box office success and the longest running film in weeks that was made in the Black and White era.

59.  in 1981 four films of Rahi scored at least a Golden Jubilee – Chan Varyam, Sala Saheb, Milay Ga Zulm Da Badla and Sher Khan.

60.  Sher Khan and Sala Saheb both scored solo Diamond Jubilees

61.  Sher Khan on re-release managed a platinum jubilee in Karachi and a Golden Jubilee in Lahore and in a second re-release still scored a silver jubilee in Lahore.

62.  The only actor who has scored Diamond Jubilees with co-stars Anjuman, Aasia, Mumtaz, Mussarat Shaheen, Najma, Sangeeta, Neeli and Saima.

63.  9 films of Sultan Rahi and Anjuman scored Diamond Jubilees

64.  Maula Jatt is the only film to score Diamond Jubilee runs in both Karachi and Lahore upon re-release

65.  India has copied no Pakistani film more than Maula Jatt

66.  Maula Jatt is the fastest solo Golden Jubilee, Diamond Jubilee film of all (combined weeks)

67.  Sultan Rahi had mosques built at all the studios he worked in

68.  Rahi has appeared in 26 of Masood Butt as well as those directed by Altaf Hussain.  He has been directed by Zahoor Gilani and Haider Chaudhary on over 20 occasions.