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The Animals

The Animals

Some legendary, never to be forgotten characters of Indian and Pakistani cinema from those who are often not given enough credit.

Some of Bollywood’s finest moments have involved appearances by our four-legged friends or even those of a slithery disposition and no legs at all.

Numerous times, much to the chagrin of the films supposed hero, an animal has marched off with all the plaudits and the honours and many consider that many of our four-legged friends deserve at least equal pay due to their superior professionalism and acting.

The following list was compiled after much heated debate and is by no means a definitive list. Sadly, Amitabh’s trusty horse in Khuda Gawah has been deemed unworthy as he was judged to have breathed on to Amitabh but not dribbled on him, thereby not being directly responsible for Badshah Khan’s miraculous revival.

There was unanimous agreement though on the animal that deserved special accolades…. Moti the wonder dog, who in Teri Mehrebaniyan had a far greater role than the films human hero Jackie Shroff. Poor Jackie has had to play second fiddle to animals on numerous occasions, another famous one being when he was the rather less charismatic half-brother of a King Cobra in the surreal Doodh ka Karz.

Anyway, here is our list of very special appearances from our furry and scaly little friends who sometimes deserve far more credit than they receive.

1. MOTI The Wonder Dog from Mard and Teri Mehrebaniyan

2. Handsome Pigeon – The saviour from Maine Pyar Kiya

3. Tuffy – from Ham Aap ke Hain Kaun

4. Badal the faithful horse from Mard

5. Brownie – Akshaye Khanna’s beloved dog in Taal

6. Ramu the Elephant – from Haathi Mere Saathi

7. The King Cobra – from Doodh ka Karz

8. Dhanno the wonder horse from Sholay

9. The Gai from the film Gai aur Gori starring Jaya Bhaduri

10. Shireen the miserable cat, murdered by serial killer in Kaun

Special mentions to:

a) Rekha’s dog from the brilliant Khoon Bhari Maang

b) Chimp or Champ depending on pronunciation from Shamim Ara’s Lollywood epic Miss Singapore

c) Sangeeta’s white Pomeranian from the classic Society Girl.

d) spare a thought for poor Choosy from Bewafai who was turned into a living zombie by the dastardly Rajnikant.

e) and lets not dare to forget the phantasmagoric Khooni Parinda from the great Lollywood production Sinbad that had pot-bellied hero Shahid nearly half pecked to death. Oh, the gruesome Bloody Bird!

f) finally, a special mention for Jhumroo, the Pomeranian who was fortunate enough to be owned by one of the sizzling sirens of Bollywood history……Sheetal. Jhumroo appeared in Sheetal’s magnificent “Guinness Book of Records” entrant, the incomparable Honey.

Please feel free to remind us of those great performers that we may have overlooked.