Shama Filmi Gossip!


Shama Magazine’s peerless Pakistani Filmi Gossip from July 2000.

This Filmi Gossip column is often bordering on the surreal world that obsessive film followers would once thrive on. The bottle may have changed over the years but the wine is much the same. Strange and bizarre bits of highly dodgy and unsubstantiated gossip is what it is! It should be taken with a large pinch of salt knowing that its origin is Shama Filmi Magazine which for long was the film industry’s premier Urdu language magazine and they are in the business of gossip and selling magazines. The following is an interpretation of an article from Shama Film Magazine, Lahore. July 2000 Monthly Publication:

Having already reported the abrupt end of Anjuman’s comeback trail, this month’s Shama magazine has some other juicy, gossipy tit bits to offer.

According to Shama, dastardly, double timing hero, Saud has managed to deceive sultry Reema into believing his plans to emigrate to the US. Apparently, Saud has promised Reema a comfy life in the States and she has fallen for this line hook line and sinker. The two have reportedly been meeting for long afternoons at Jaan Rambo and Sahiba’s house, and worse still, there is a strong rumour circulating that Reema is blank censored blank Saud’s blank censored blank.

Shama sympathizes with Reema claiming that the beauty, thinking that she had made fools of a line of the industry’s leading men, has now been tricked herself. They also mention that friends of Saud are already saying that the fling between Reema and him won’t last very long. Time will tell.

Meanwhile talent less Jaan Rambo received a bit of a shock to the system when he discovered that starlet Nargis had refused to work opposite him. Rambo apparently gutted by the snub by the budding starlet decided to retaliate in turn by refusing to act opposite Nadia Ali in “Ghairat tey Qanoon” claiming she was a “flop” actress! (Bizarre way to react?)

Rambo was replaced by Sarwar Kamal who is marked for future stardom. People attached to the film are relieved that Rambo has been replaced by Kamal.

Rumours are floating about also of Reema’s disinterest in the industry and the feeling that she is on her way out. She has already stated that she is no longer interested in “boring” meaningless roles, and also that she will not work during the summer as it is too uncomfortable. Critics point to her advancing age and mention that her drawing power is no longer what it was a few years ago.

The simmering feud between Syed Noor and Shaan has caused Shaan to drop Saima from his film Pukar. She being Syed Noor’s hot favourite didn’t get much lift from Shaan who has opted for youngster Noor instead. Instead Moammar Rana, son of former Test Cricketer Shafqat Rana signed up Saima for his production Miti Diyan Moortiyan.

Noor the fast-rising Lollywood flavour of the season is riding high on the wave of the success of her initial starrers Mujhe Chand Chahiye and Ghar Kab Aao Gay. Apparently, she has been absolutely swamped with offers and now requires a secretary to balance her dates and manage her exponentially increasing income.

Other gossip includes that rising star Nargis is heard chirping happily that she is earning up to Rs. 2,00,000 per day using her “method acting” skills wherever they may be required – at a price.

Meanwhile Mujhe Chaand Chahiye celebrated its 50th Golden Jubilee week which is quite a feat these days. And if you thought Woody Allen was prolific churning out a film a year, then how about this……Syed Noor, the great auteur has no less than three releases geared up for the next month alone! among them are Billi, Laakhon Mein Aik and Mehndi Waale Haath, his official follow up to Choorian.

The industry is singing the praises of Madame Sangeeta as after a series of damp squibs the industry got a real shot in the arm as her recent release Reshmaan has been pronounced a super hit. Yet another feather in an already much feathered cap for the great Madame.