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Jungle Queen (2000)

Jungle Queen (2000)

Jungle Queen (2002)
Cast: Saima, Moammar Rana, Shafqat Cheema, Khushboo, Naghma, Saira Khan, Nawaz Khan, Babar Butt, Jan Rembo
Director: Syed Noor
Nutshell: Tarzan style Jungle Queen has to deal with evil poachers as well as take revenge for her mothers murder.

A stirring tale of a young woman left in the jungle to fend for herself where she finds shelter and support from a group of elephants with whom she develops a close bond. Soon she finds herself having to fight off evil poachers and also discovers that she must take revenge from those who wronged her beloved mother whose skeleton she has kept lovingly for about 30 years. She rescues a pilot who has an accident in the jungle and slowly but surely love ensues between the two.

Will The Jungle Queen manage to stop the evil poachers from destroying her family of animal friends and will she find herself abandoning the simple ways of the jungle to return to the city or will she and her new boyfriend live on in the jungle? More importantly will she find the solve the mystery of her mothers downfall and punish those responsible? All will be revealed in this simple but mildly engaging tale of the Jungle Queen.