Razia Phans Gayi…(2015)


Razia Phans Gayi Ghundon Mein (2015)
Cast: Nida Chaudhary, Ahmed Butt, Madhu, Babar
Director: Shahid Rana
Nutshell:  A farcical revenge action drama with extreme corruption as the backdrop.  Cheap and pretty atrocious with dreadfully cliched performances yet fast moving and oddly enjoyable.

Razia Phans Gayi Ghundon Mein has all the ingredients that suggest another semi pornographic grim rape revenge I Spit on Your Grave clone with Aziz Jehangiri as its producer and Nida Chaudhary and a bunch of stage mujra sirens in the cast but to its credit. Comes as a considerable surprise that the film hardly features a single rape scene nor do the song picturizations stoop to the lurid levels that Saeed Ali Khan and Rasheed Dogar’s films tend to.  Sadly, this lack of obscenity could be a primary reason for its less than stellar performance at the Box Office.

The films plot revolves around the unfortunate mess that an aspiring model Razia (Nida Chaudhary) keeps finding herself in.  She is initially snared by a corrupt scammer in the construction business who ropes her in to advertise his dodgy Housing Society.  The scammer himself is being exploited by a bigger fish and then there are the cops who are also worse than most of the sleazy politicians, gangsters and criminals depicted during the course of the film.  Poor Razia keeps fleeing one sticky situation only to land in another that is equally dreadful if not worse than her previous predicament and this keeps revolving and evolving as the movie goes along.  The film suggests that Pakistani society at every level stinks of corruption and exploitation including ministers, politicians, businessmen, lawyers, police with the only segment being spared being the military who don’t feature in the mix at all. 

Ahmed Butt, our muscle-bound hero, makes his entry 30 minutes into the film and is the shining knight in armor who is the sole support for beleaguered Razia.  He plays a police inspector but even he has to dodge various sleazy situations as his seniors and co-workers are all corrupt as well.  There is much villainous posturing and references to gang rapes (which fortunately are not depicted on screen) and very much suggests a society that has broken down at every step and sold out with a total lack of morality on any level of government and authority.  Razia Phans Gayi Ghundon Mein is a sad reflection of how the Pakistani state is perceived by the majority of the cinema going public who are more than used to schemes, scams, looting, rape, murder, false police encounters and a dubious judiciary as being the normal way of life.  It’s a sad indictment of how the public views the state mechanism as rotten beyond redemption.  The film is too crass to be taken seriously and yet the context and the texture of the storyline is completely embroiled in corruption and the failings of a disastrously failed state.

It’s a commercial revenge pot-boiler and there are the usual saucy dance sequences, chases, fights, thunderous dialogs, romance and all the masala that are the formula of most local films and the pace of the film seldom flags and the viewer is kept engaged in events as the plot thickens and winds its way to its conclusion.  Characters have the capacity to be shot dead and then recover miraculously which is one aspect of the film that keeps the film interesting.  They also suddenly have a change of character and switch from being villains to heroes with disarming ability which also adds to the ridiculous fun factor of this production.  Nida Chaudhary, known for her vulgar dance numbers is fairly restrained in this film which makes a surprising and somewhat welcome change though her vengeful kisses of death are literally murderous stuff.  Ahmed Butt has more scope than most of the films he has appeared in and doesn’t take his shirt off even once which must be some sort of record.

It’s a pretty ridiculous film and yet quite revealing in its depiction of a society that has rotted away; eaten away by corruption at every level of government and authority. A rough, jaunty film that is oddly devoid of major sleaze and to its credit, it manages to keep the viewer engaged and amused throughout.   Dreadful but oddly entertaining.

Swami Ji's Verdict
35 %
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