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Fine Feathered Finks

Fine Feathered Finks

Fine Feathered Finks & The Penguin’s a Jinx (1966)
Cast: Adam West, Burt Ward, Burgess Meredith, Leslie Parrish, Madge Blake, Alan Napier, Neil Hamilton, Stafford Repp, Walter Burke, Lewis Charles
Director: Robert Butler
Nutshell:  Penguin in due for release from incarceration and the one thing on his mind is a diabolical scheme that will lead to a devastating crime wave in Gotham City and the end of the Dynamic Duo.

Prison Warden Creighton is rather chuffed at his newly instituted reform program and reckons he has hit upon a formula that will have even the most hardened criminals ready to become assets to society upon their release.  He has installed cameras to monitor some of the them including The Penguin but his hopes are rather dashed as he listens in on the evidence the recordings provide.  The squawking Penguin is to be released in just 3 days and the only agenda on his mind is how to derail the Caped Crusader and initiate his own spell on Gotham City, setting off a looting spree that will have him the number one crime kingpin in town.

Ready with his twisted schemes he begins by distributing free umbrellas with a promise of gifts outside the Ali Baba jewels and watch store and the excitement of those who have snagged his umbrellas and entered the premises soon turns to horror as the umbrellas proceed to sparkle and go up in flames sending shock waves through the customers and the shop management. 

The Gotham City Police Department are at a total loss and its Batman they turn to but even he is stumped as actually nothing was looted from the prestigious store.  Moments later a giant parasol appears in the city and as Batman climbs it, he finds a cryptic clue which is fed through the Bat Analyzer with little success.  Confounded by the Penguin’s strange tactics the Dynamic Duo decide to drop in on the P.N. Guinn Umbrella store where Bruce Wayne plans to deftly drop a listening device so that Penguin’s real motives are revealed but The Penguin’s alarm system detects the bug and Bruce is apprehended as a competing umbrella tycoon out on a mission of industrial espionage and Penguin’s henchmen entrap the millionaire in a steel mesh and Penguin gasses him unconscious before throwing him onto a conveyor belt leading to a furnace of 10,000 degrees which will shortly turn Bruce Wayne into ashes. 

An unconscious Wayne edges ever closer to the furnace and with Robin and Alfred in the Batcave, clueless about his fate, a horrible end awaits Batman as the conveyor belt edges ever closer to the burgeoning flames within the furnace that will soon render him nothing more than a crisp. 

All appears lost but then with seconds to his demise, Bruce regains consciousness and despite not being a smoker he manages to pull out a butane lighter with a lifetimes supply of gas in it and Penguin watching gleefully from a monitor realises that if he manages to throw that into the furnace it will cause an explosion that could ruin his afternoons murderous entertainment.  Yet, he isn’t all that phased as though he seems to think somewhat familiar, he still believes him to be just another petty criminal of little significance.

The Penguin continues with his trickery and plans his next move which still has the Dynamic Duo guessing at his real intentions.  While trying to trick Batman into believing he is after a bank heist, they brilliantly work out that it is in fact the bewitching superstar who is shooting her current movie in Gotham City, Dawn Robbins is to be the next target.  While Penguin listens in to the Dynamic Duo working out his plan through his own bugged umbrella that was taken by the Caped Crusader he is delighted that Batman has caught on to his plans because now he plans to entrap them and make off with Miss Robbins in a brazen kidnapping using nerve gas, his umbrella conveyor belt system and a giant magnet which he plans to use to nullify the Dynamic Duo. 

The Penguin succeeds in his daring raid and makes off with the bewitching Dawn Robbins while Batman and Robin are left helpless by Penguin’s giant magnet.  Later when they are released by a Bell Boy at the hotel, they plot the Penguin’s downfall, knowing that he is listening in on them they arrange to pay the ransom for Miss Robbins return at Wayne Manor and also let it be known that they will be waiting to intercept the feathery menace at the entrance inside suits or armor. 

Penguin arrives gleefully at Wayne Manor and proceeds to gas Batman and Robin who are in the suits of armour and as he seeks out the ransom, he is then mortified to find the Dynamic Duo appear elsewhere and finds himself trapped.  Will the Penguin make an escape with the ransom or will Batman & Robin prove to have too much firepower and bring his dastardly plot to a shuddering halt?  Later at a party thrown by Wayne, Miss Robbins arrives fashionably late and looking more seductive and ravishing than ever but is in a glum mood and it transpires that she has a huge crush on Batman and is pining for him, while Aunt Harriet is in a bit of shock that her home should be the scene where notorious super villains such as The Penguin have been hosted, if even briefly. With the Penguin safely apprehended, Bruce and Dick can once again plan their fishing trips as previously planned and calm prevails at the Stately Wayne Manor.