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Haiwan (1986)

Haiwan (1986)

Haiwan (1986)
Cast:  Gauthami, Silk Smita, Disco Shanti, Anuradha
Director:  V. Prabhakar
Nutshell:  John Carpenter’s Halloween skewed with The Incredible Iron Melting Zombie Man and then given the most bizarre South Indian masala treatment resulting in delirium.

Haiwan begins with some scientists perform an experiment on a corpse that goes horribly awry and in a hot minute you have a Michael Myers meets the Incredible Melting Man with a touch of some Iron Man in him as well; a crazed zombie prowler running amok on a killing spree boldly defying all attempts to kill him, like shooting him six times, torching, drowning, smashing, pulverizing doesn’t appear to have any significant impact as he keeps bouncing back repeatedly.

After being buried by a celestial bolt of power, it seems his rampage may be over but soon enough he is up and running wild through the forest once again attacking and killing at random.  His next victims are an amorous couple awaiting an evening of carnal entertainment but first the husband is sent out to mind the chickens and check on the cows while wifey slips into something more comfortable.  Unfortunately, the Char-grilled melting man lookalike scuppers any fun plans and the couple or soon offed in quick and brutal succession.  

Apparently, the police are now on the trail of the killer but he remains a few steps ahead and arrives to menace more inhabitants along his trail.  Then, just 18 minutes into the movie the “Intermission” break arrives as a major spanner in the works as the movie turns into something quite unintelligible which manages to add some spice to a pretty shoddy affair. 

potential victims keep popping up out of the blue and our unstoppable force of evil killer just carries on relentlessly until finally he meets his match.  The producers of the VCD release must have been very tight on budget indeed and the films length has been hacked so that it can be plonked onto one single disc which explains the stunningly premature arrival of the interval. 

Haiwan, in its VCD version is basically a bunch of stalking and attack sequences by the zombie killer with little else to hold it together enough to make much sense.  There are hardly any dialogues at all and its simply strung together with sequences of fairly random characters in a state of terror with lots of screaming and some pretty lame attempts at shock and gore yet its fun to watch if only for how try and keep times of how many times our zombie is killed only to rise up once again.  Finally, it takes a very special gun on the lines of the one perfected by Dr. Cassandra Spellcraft to finally bring the zombie down amidst some dazzling special effects that go “pew pew zap” as the Alvino Ray Gun does it’s thing.

The film is a total mess but remains weirdly compelling and the fact that it has a stunning, indeed “mind-blowing” cast of Silk Smita, Disco Shanti and Anuradha means that it is already well worth the price of entry!

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