Pindi Wal (1976)


Pindi Wal (1976)
Cast: Sultan Rani, Neelo, Adeeb, Mustafa Qureshi, Bahar, Anita, Parveen Boby
Director: Zahoor Hussain
Nutshell: Infamous and delightful Lollywood epic has loads of sleaze and a jawdropping porno tota!

Hair Raising Club Thrills!

Pindi Wal is one of those films that is spoken of in hushed tones and though every video shop usually has more than one copy, it is usually the one that is handed over to customers in a brown paper bag! The film was made in the permissive 70’s when Punjabi films were challenging the censor code and succeeding in getting away with some heavy duty smut and gore.

Sultan Rahi stars in the title role of Pindi Wal and he is supported by a powerhouse star cast including Neelo, Mustafa Qureshi, Bahar, with Parveen Boby, Anita and especially Chakori to provide the saucy pyrotechnics. The real find of the movie however is a fabulously sleazy tart who does a breathtaking number to Naheed Akhter’s sizzling Kadh le, Kadh le, Kadh le, jera paya wey (translated: take it out! take it out! take it out! what you have inserted!) We have yet to discover her name in years of trying but it won’t be long now that we have some knowledgeable contacts in the Royal Park region of Lahore. ***In fact it turns out that the Kadh Le song belongs to a film called Aaj Da Badmash and it was later spliced into Pindi Wal to spice things up a bit! Pindi Wal was not in fact banned as was suggested but enjoyed a decent run in theatres with or without the Kadh Le factor. Kadh le is the primary reason that Aaj Da Badmash’s censor certificate has not been renewed. The infamous tota likewise was spliced in by shady distributors and cinema owners who reckoned such tactics would boost their take.

Pindi Wal has its moments; there is a kinetic energy to some of the opening scenes and the stark black and white cinematography, weird Wild West music and odd disorienting camera angles lend a compelling, edgy feel to proceedings. The film got into serious hot water and was denied a certificate due to the lewd and vulgar dance numbers of which thankfully there are plenty. The producers then tried to get compensate for the excised songs by inserting some real porn near the interval break of the film, a plan that backfired with the film being withdrawn from exhibition and banned.

The movie begins with Pindi Wal (Sultan Rahi) being incarcerated and convicted in court where he proclaims “never to have done a single good deed in his life!” Pindi Wal’s ruggedness and brawn have a deep effect on a bodybuilding Pehlwaan who clearly has urges for the new fish. The oddly puny Pehlwaan (Adeeb) arranges a job for Pindi Wal once both of them are released at his notorious den of vice the “New Star Club” – a seedy joint where the booze doesn’t stop flowing and the girls dance up some incredible heat exhibiting rare talent. Zino (Neelo) is Pehlwaan’s shapely assistant who handles the supply of smuggled goods as well as keeping an eye on the fresh supply of meat (girls). She advises Pindi Wal that “Life is to enjveye, naat to be bore!”- clearly a woman of unsound moral grounding!

Pehlwaan turns out to be a totally mercenary character who even sells the services of his devoted assistant to the highest bidder which results in Neelo fleeing the club with Pindi Wal. They fugitive couple seek refuge in kindly Bahar’s house where Pindi Wal realizes that she is his long lost mother…….and the cop who is tailing him like a mad man is in fact his own younger brother! Meanwhile Mustafa Qureshi is desperate to crack Pehlwaan’s underworld racket and even agrees to send his own daughter on a hugely dangerous undercover assignment to infiltrate the New Star Club as a dancer.

Will Pindi Wal be able to clear his name with the law and prove that he has been framed ever since he was a young tot and therefore reunite with his family, or will he continue to run not only from the police but from the goons who he is trying to expose? We shant reveal a thing! Sultan Rahi plays the title role with conviction and the supporting cast is also on top form. Neelo provides a classy club dance or two,flutters her enormous eyelids and wiggles her curvaceous bum to perfection. Bahar does well in her short appearance but Mustafa Qureshi is wasted as the earnest DSP.

There is a mouthwatering bevy of expert club-dancing babes led by the tarty Perveen Boby and Queen of Sluts Anita followed by the highly talented Naureen, Mizla and the stunning Mussarat Shaheen. As if that wasn’t enough, the breath-taking Kadh le girl really raises the roof with her deliciously sleazy dance number (even if the dance is a banned item from Aaj da Badmaash that has conveniently been spliced into proceedings). Then of course there is the two minute “tota” containing as repulsive a slice of smut as one could possibly hope to find with much jiggling flesh and a male bum bobbing up and down into the camera and a nude woman having a wash and powdering her privates in full view! The producers of the film must not have had too much confidence in the marketability of their product considering they felt the need to resort to including these scummy “tota” to somehow get an audience into the cinema. Though most of the film is a sorry mess as far as continuity and plot is concerned it does have its plus points. There is a fabulously hot background score that is reminiscent of Faster Pussycat Kill Kill and the club dances are wonderfully crude and vulgar.

The film also contains some wonderful editing which lends the film a strange, psychotic energy during certain scenes and the songs are almost all brilliant efforts with the toe tapping Kadh Le by Nahid Akhter probably the best but Mala’s Golden Night, Madame Noor Jehan’s O Merey Yaro and the sultry duet In Aankhon Mein all vying for top honours. In Aankhon Mein by Mala and Ahmed Rushdie is a tune so interesting and unconventional that it could be mistaken for an O.P Nayyar (of Bollywood) composition.

On the whole Pindi Wal is a memorable (historic?) and indispensable piece of sleaze from Lollywood’s Golden era – immortalized by the sublimely tasteless tota that suddenly makes an appearance out of the blue….no pun intended!

Pindi Wal remains one of the most infamous films to ever emerge from Lollywood and a highly auspicious start to director Zahoor Hussain’s career.