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Divine – At The Hacienda (1983)
Starring: Divine
Nutshell: One of the great icons of the 20th Century performs LIVE for a lusting audience

The concert was shot just around the time that dear departed Divine was about to storm the Euro scene with her super trashy Hi-Nrg garbage. Here at The Hacienda in Manchester, UK Divine growls out her queer anthems one after the other -sometimes its difficult to know when a song has ended and another started up as they basically all sound the same. Divine’s stage presence, beauty and magnetism and, lets face it, sheer star quality keep the show from drowning amidst non-existent production values (quite appropriate) a wretched sound system and a mentally deranged audience.

The audience, none too pleased after that rather drab opening number is soon electrified by what was to become one of Divine’s breakthrough numbers, building on the success of the magnificent Love Reaction which made a significant dent in the Euro pop charts let alone the gay charts. Divine looks gorgeous in a rusty red sequined body hugging outfit with tasteful tassles dangling tantalizingly off every fabulous curve. A rollicking performance of Shoot Your Shot is accompanied by the requisite whoops of adoring delight from the degenerates in the crowd. Divine obliges with a fart and a burp before bursting into a stunning rendition of Bobby O’s mind boggling cowbell classic Jungle Jezebel. The lyrics are indescribably awful…….”Jungle Jezebel” repeated about 95 times for example. Just a touch repetitive after the first ten seconds or so, but then who came for the music when one can just ogle at the epitome of female beauty in the picture of perfection on stage. Jezebel is followed by the charming “I was born to be Cheap” which Divine had adopted as a signature tune. She delivers it with due body and aplomb!

Alphabet Rap with its socially conscious lyrics follows and then the killer dance smash, Shake it Up. Just when the audience thought start thinking they have reached a peak, comes Native Love followed by the mega monster Love Reaction which sends the audience into spasms of uncontrollable ecstacy. It’s a magnificent concert performance given by one of the great talents and icons of the 20th Century. Divine is Queen and no one but no one even begins to come close. This concert serves as a reminder that with Divine’s premature death, the world was denied one of its greatest ambassador’s and talents. Absolutely essential viewing. There has never been a shit kicker like Divine……or eater for that matter!