I’ll Possess Your Corpse


This Night I’ll Possess Your Corpse (1966)
Cast: Mojica Marins, Nivaldo de Lima, Nadia Tell, Tina Wohlers
Director: Jose Mojica Marins
Nutshell: More fantastically conceived madness from the master of the bizarre

“eye-popping sequel ” Cult Flicks and Trash Pics

“resembles a collision between the aesthetic perversion of the Marquis de Sade and the violent, orgiastic visuals of the ’60s S&M Olga films” DVD Delirium


The good news is that This Night I’ll Possess Your Corpse is at least as deranged and bizarre as its predecessor and the bad news is…well, there isn’t any! Jose Mojica Marins being able to even equal the outright craziness of At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul is a spectacular achievement in itself. Those people who had been dazzled by At Midnight shouldn’t find this second instalment any less fascinating.

The film starts from where At Midnight ended, however one had taken Coffin Joe to be horribly mangled and very dead but we were wrong – apparently his heart still beats and the villagers who so despise this man and who are mostly dreaming of the first chance of doing away with him somehow inexplicably take pity on the squished, mangled Coffin Joe and carry him to the local medics where he undergoes nothing short of a miraculous recovery. Once he arrives home the first thing he is reminded of is the inferiority and weakness and stupidity of the people which he feels it his duty to rid them of even if the people have to flow “tears of blood” in order to learn “the truth” according to Coffin Joe.

His latest obsession more than ever seems to be children and how the future of mankind is to be saved by the perfect human being who can only be conceived by the perfect man (himself) and the woman he still searches for – a perfect, strong, godless, fearless woman – the woman who will bear him the son who will rise up to be the saviour of mankind! This deranged idea is the basis for Coffin Joe’s existence and in order to propagate his plan he must find himself that perfect womb-carrier who will do the needful and bear him the saviour son. He takes to his task with relish and abducts six of the towns beauties including a rich heiress who seems to quite fancy him. The girls are subjected to horrendous tortures in the form of giant black tarantula look-alike spiders who swarm all over the girls in their hundreds – biting and molesting the terrified beauties into a state of total despair, all except one of them – the heiress who remains totally calm. Clearly she is the one meant for Joe and the others can be discarded.

One of the beauties is given to Joe’s hideous, mutated, hunchback assistant as a birthday present but alas the mutant mishandles the girl accidentally killing her in the process! The other girls are fed to an assortment of snakes – cobras and pythons among them. The girls are captured in a pit and the snakes are released onto them in their dozens until all the girls are in a ghastly tangle with the slithering, sharp-fanged reptiles. Meanwhile Coffin Joe and his heiress make out while watching the ghastly events of the pit below them. Then the heiress, unable to bear the ghastly torture, exclaims for Joe to an end to it and at that moment he realizes that she is certainly less weak then most women but weak nonetheless and that she will after all not be the one to bear the super-child that he is going to father, so his search for the perfect vessel continues. The heiress is at least not fed to the creepy-crawlies, but allowed to leave as a reward for showing at least some courage when faced with the furry spiders.

Coffin Joe’s search continues and he finds another potential carrier when the local officials daughter, a striking, raven-haired beauty arrives to pay her father a visit. Mojica has Laura mesmerized and willing to go along with his every suggestion and indeed she appears to possess all those qualities he feels that the chosen one ought to have. However Joe’s life is turned upside down by a ghastly dream he has when he is dragged down to the depths of hell – a stunning sequence shot in glowingly garish hues of blue, green and red. Mojica’s vision of hell is a sight to behold; a freezing chamber of horrors where tortures and pain are the order of the day. Laura’s brother attempts to rescue her from the clutches of the devious Coffin Joe only to be tricked horribly and then being sent to a most ghastly death – his head squashed by a giant boulder! Coffin Joe manages to manipulate his way out of every hazardous situation but his dreams are truly shattered when Laura becomes gravely ill and dies without bearing him the son that he so desperately needed.

Still he doesn’t give up on rambling on with his insane diatribes, regularly insulting the locals for their inferiority. Then finally the locals receive the damning evidence they needed against Joe – the heiress who had promised secrecy spills the beans on the snake-spider torture cum death sessions before she gulps down some lethal poison. A lynch mob gathers to rip into Coffin Joe once and for all but will the master manipulator be able to wiggle out of this blood-thirsty mob or will Joe finally get his comeuppance as promised by the pregnant woman he had mutilated by his pet pythons.

This film is another slice of electrifying weirdness from celebrated cult director Mojica Marins – he has lived up to all the expectations that he had created by tantalizing audiences with At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul and this second instalment is more macabre, bizarre weirdness by the bucketful. The same kinetic energy that propelled At Midnight is evident in this movie, though this effort is far more polished and more elaborate in every way and the production values, far slicker than before. I must confess however to enjoying At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul at least as much if even a tad more than this second instalment, though the truth is they are both insanely brilliant movies from an extraordinary and unique filmmaker – a man who has shown that budget can never restrict a true genius. Now to move gleefully on to the third and supposedly most bizarre instalment of the three Coffin Joe DVD releases to date; Awakening of the Beast.