Hadh Kar di Apne (2000)


Hadh Kar di Apne (2000)
Cast: Govinda, Rani Mukherjee, Ritu Shivpuri, Nirmal Pandey
Director: Manoj Agarwal
Nutshell: Whacky romance, bit like a 60s caper… almost quite amusing
Reviewed by: Faiz


This latest Govindafest is a treat for his fans. At one point in the film, there are six Govindas in the frame, ranging from old and decrepit, to three female Govindas and finally to the hero, yet again Govinda. So if you imagine that this is a film for only Die Hard Govinda fans, well, one is pleasantly surprised. If I can bear it, I think anyone can.

The film is nothing different, old wine in a new bottle, borrowing from other films, similar in style to Anari No 1. A whacky and fun-filed film done with a certain amount of charm (is that possible with Govinda!) and freshness. The plot is somewhat different…we have a husband and wife couple convinced that each is cheating on the other and plans are afoot to expose the other so that they can get a divorce (Ritu Shivpuri and the wasted Nirmal Pandey). So the wife hatches a plan whereby she pretends that she is going to Europe but plans to send her namesake and friend, Anjali (Rani Mukherjee) instead while she tried to catch her husband red-handed. The husband decides to send a friend of his on the trip to spy on his wife, that friend being Raj (Govinda).

Having lost the pictures of the wife, he believes that one of the girls is the “wife” who in turn seems to be handing over gifts to different men at different stops on their European tour. She turns out to be a drug dealer and he then believes that the girl that he has fallen in love with, Rani Mukherjee, is in fact the wife of his best friend. Rani Mukherjee in turn is told by her friend, the wife, that she believes her husband is travelling with her under the false name of Raj. So she believes that Govinda is the philandering husband.

It’s potential is great and to give it credit, it moves along at a good pace, is quite amusing, not least because of the lead pair who vibe very well together and create a balanced team. The songs are well shot and the locations are great. Not much of this studio rubbish which gives the film a feeling of grandeur and freshness.

Govinda in his many roles is having a rollicking time even though this is an oft repeated role. His timing is excellent and even though there is nothing new in his performance or role, he does it with ease and is genuinely amusing in bits. In fact, I often heard loud guffaws in the cinema which I suppose is a good sign.

But how does Govinda think he can get away with see-through shirts. Shahrukh managed it in Phir bhi dil hai…and Hritik in Kaho Na Pyaar hai…but a flabby, overweight Govinda in a revealing shirt…could there be anything worse. Hadh kardi aapne! Please, someone give him a bra or dark glasses for all of those going to the cinema! Rani Mukherjee matches him step by step, whether in dance or otherwise. She has the ability to light up any scene with her dazzling smile.