Fida (2004)


Fida (2004)
Cast: Kareena Kapoor, Fardeen Khan, Shahid Kapoor
Director: Ken Ghosh
Music Director: Anu Malik
Nutshell: Reasonable thriller that fails to deliver what it promised.
Reviewed by: Faiz Khan


Fida is not an easy film to review because the story demands secrecy which in itself is giving something of the film away. Not that the film should merit such attention because it’s a film based on a ridiculous premise which then lurches further into twists and turns before settling for a dark and ultimately preposterous end.

The film starts off with an internet robbery….a hacker manages to transfer 550 crores from one bank account into another Swiss bank account. All hell breaks loose with the police unable to find the culprit and the account holder, a fourth rate don (Akhilendra Mishra in an appalling performance) intent on getting the culprit. Enter Jai (Shahid Kapoor), all smiles and boyish charm who searches for the perfect girl, who sets his sights on Neha (Kareena Kapoor). In two glances, he is fida over the girl and manages to mutilate himself when chided about this by Neha. Seeing this, Neha surrenders herself to the poor love-struck Romeo and love blossoms until one day, Jai finds Neha about to commit suicide. It transpires that her criminally inclined and now deceased father had owed 6 crores to some other criminal and rather than bear the burden of this debt and be hounded by hoodlums, she considers suicide as her only option. After considering various options, Jai decides that he should rob a bank. Neha makes him promise not to take any rash steps but Jai still goes to the bank where he sees a man withdraw 6 crores from his bank account. This appears to be his way out and in the dark of night, Jai steals his way into the man’s house only to be found and cuffed to the chair. The man turns out to be Vikram (Fardeen Khan) who makes a deal with Jai. He tells him he can have the 6 crores but in return, he must give himself up to the police as the hacker. Vikram is the hacker and wants to live a normal life rather than be on the run. Madly in love for Neha, Jai agrees to this and sets into motion, a whole turn of events which lead to a shocking realisation for Jai.

To say more would be giving too much of the film away and spoiling the fun, which Fida is to an extent barring the unnecessary violence on the part of the Don. However, if dissected for a moment, the film is full of holes and the viewer simply has to go along with the flow without trying to rationalise in essence, what is a far-fetched and flawed film. You are expected to enjoy the popcorn and not think of the reasoning behind any of the films twists and turns.

Ken Ghosh is a director who has a certain flair but he cannot be forgiven for his blatant disregard for the basic intelligence of the viewer. You simply cannot expect the audience to digest the implausibilities of the plot and sit back and enjoy the ride…having said that, I did simply because it comes as a refreshing change from the usual fare that is churned out by Bollywood.

What makes it all the more interesting is the casting of the film and the characters played by the lead performers. Fardeen Khan plays the role of a cold and calculating protagonist for whom you have not an ounce of sympathy with cool abandon. Kareena on the other hand is all smiles and gushiness in the first half before her characters transforms itself into darker shades where she is somewhat more impressive but not starting. Shahid Kapoor on the hand is assured and makes up in performance what seems to be lacking in personality. Clearly one to watch, he baby boy looks may be somewhat of a hindrance in his choice of roles. Anu Malik’s music is catchy in bits and the film is handsomely shot. It has its moments and though engaging enough, one just wishes that the director had given the audience just a little more credit.