Dil Wil Pyar Vyar (2002)


Dil Wil Pyar Vyar (2002)
Cast: Madhvan, Namrata Shirodkar, Jimmy Shergill, Sanjay Suri, Sonali Kulkarni
Director: Anand Mahadevan
Music Director: songs of R.D Burman
Nutshell: a film strung around the songs of R. D Burman is a novel idea if nothing else


The film stems out of a tribute to R.D Burman which takes some of his classic songs and sets a story around them. R.D Burman was a genius and way ahead of his time and Mahadevan has surely picked some of his classics…naam gum jayega, tere bina zindagi se, kya jaanon sajan, o haseena zulfon wali, kehna hai, yeh jo mohobbat hai…yes, the film is full of gems like this but sadly, remixed and resung. So in some respects, even though they are R.D Burman tunes, they do not come close to the originals sung by Kishore, Lata, Asha etc. Still, its a good idea.

Mahadevan spins a tale of four couples around the songs. There is Krish and Rakhsha (Namrata Shirodkar and Madhavan), two married aspiring singers whose marriage begins to fall apart when Raksha’s career takes off and he is left in the shadows (shades of Abhimaan). Then there is Hrithik and Jojo (Jimmy Shergill and Hrishitaa Bhatt). Hrithik is the lazy good for nothing son of a millionaire who falls for a Christian girl of humble origins but who wants her man to stand on his own feet. Then there is Dev and Gauri (Sanjay Suri and Sonali Kulkarni). Dev is a widower with a younger sister who moves into the apartment block where Gauri lives with her catatonic brother who has not been able to recover from an accident which saw his girlfriend killed in an accident.

The films characters are all interconnected in some way or another and all the stories converge into the climax. Krish has to try to prove to his wife that he is worthy of himself and hence of her, Hrithik has to prove to Jojo that he can fend for himself and Dev desperately needs money to take Gauri’s brother to the States for treatment.

Whilst the plot of the film is fairly lightweight, it is a well put together film and even though the songs are many, it is really a joy to hear the old songs albeit sung by new singers. There is a freshness about the film and one rather wishes that it could have perhaps delved more into the characters lives and made it a more personal film rather than just the lightweight that it is. Yes, it smacks of Dil Chahta hai but does not have the vision or energy of that film, neither the depth of character. Still, this one oozes a kind of charm which one finds sorely lacking in films of today.

Mahadevan has done a good job of making a nice small sprightly movie. Madhavan has lost a lot of weight and makes Krish to be a believable and real character. Namrata Shirodkar is excellent, underplaying her role and really bringing strength and vulnerability to her character at the same time. Probably her best effort yet. Sanjay Suri is also excellent in a smaller role, a genuine actor who tends to blend with the character. An effortless performance. Jimmy Shergill is boisterous but in tandem with his character. Both Sonali Kulkarni and Hrishitaa Bhatt have small but interesting roles.

The music is great…some lesser songs have been included..o hansini, wonderful as it is, is not one of Burman’s all time great…neither is kya jaanoon sajan hoti hai…Still, how may classics could you have in one film? Considering that this is a tribute to R.D Burman, its a shame that the title of this film was taken from a Laxmikant Pyarelal song from Shagird. Would it not have been more befitting to have an R.D song…? still, good effort.