Deewane (2000)


Deewane (2000)
Cast: Ajay Devgan, Urmila, Mahima Chaudhary
Director: Harry Baweja
Nutshell: Sanjeev Darshan


Deewane is a big film. Reputedly costing a whopping 14 crores, it is supposedly “an intense love story” according to Ajay Devgun. You would then wonder where would 14 crores go into a film which is, to quote Devgun again, a film “basically about love, emotions, jealousy and ecstasy”.

Unfortunately, I do not subscribe to his point of view and Deewane is really a fantastical hotch potch which leaves you cold. If one takes the premise that the film tries to portray, it could have been an interesting experiment in psychology.

Here’s how it stands. Take two people who are identical, both in looks and in manner. However, one places importance on his job (he is a cop) and therefore has restrictions on his time; he doesn’t like disco dancing and keeps his mobile on. The other (a thief) does not have the same restrictions, likes to boogie, says the occasional “sher” and switches his mobile off. The lady in the middle has loved the cop since childhood. They are to be married. But because of the obligatory villains being afraid of being found out by the cop, they try to bump him off. He doesn’t die but ends up in a coma. Having caught the “humshakal” thief earlier and this being known to the police commissioner, the police commissioner gets the thief to double as the cop because crime has quadrupled after it was thought that the cop had been bumped off. This, the thief does willingly because he is going to get 10 lacs for his efforts.

Aha, but the crunch comes when he has to meet the cop’s family and the cop’s childhood sweetheart Sapna (Urmila) whom the cop is about to marry. Despite having the gorgeous Puja (Mahima Chaudhary) pining after him, the moment he sets eyes on Sapna, he is smitten. And soon thereafter, the cop recovers. By this time, Sapna has fallen in love with the thief for all the reasons mentioned earlier. When it is revealed that there are two Devguns, the trauma in Sapna’s life starts. She cannot bring herself to accept the fact that she has strong feelings for the thief having fallen for him thinking he was the cop that she has loved since childhood.

Catastrophe. Will she end up with the cop – a decent, good man who loves her and whom she loves but who lacks the spark that the thief has? Or will she end up with the thief who is now just like the cop except that he has a more lively and romantic streak in him. Should that make all the difference?

Will she throw aside the person she has known for since childhood for someone who she has known only for three months, and that too thinking he was the cop?

Sounds quite interesting…well, its just fantastic rubbish really and the film plods on and on and on. There is the track of the garish villains, necessary to set up the premise of the film but so utterly tacky and OTT that there is no conviction or hint of realism that the film can boast of. Where did the 14 crores go?

Locations, the blowing up of helicopters and buildings, some special effects and some stunts. All completely unrelated to the main track of the film. It really does plod along. I have to admit that there was a point in the film where I was intrigued as to which way the story would go…but I think that was more to do with the fact that my senses had been dulled by the awful songs, the talking dogs (raising many a laugh by the way with Johny Lever doing a Eddie Murphy doing Dr Doolittle), sobbing Mahima, the two bald villains brothers… should I go on?

I like Ajay Devgun. As an actor he has improved greatly and is sincere about his work. I also think that he is a no nonsense person without an attitude and that is very refreshing. He has a double role in this film which on paper must have looked quite interesting. It’s not a difficult role and he walks through it with ease. Urmila on the other hand is very much the same as she is in every other film…midriff showing, trendy dances, her hip twitching moves…very much the glam girl. In the dramatic scenes, she is animated, very much like she is in every other of her films. And God help Mahima Chaudhary. She seems to have walked off the set of dhadkan and reprised the same role, once again with her one dance number and silent pining for the man who does not love her. She should really be getting a complex by now!!!

Funnily enough, both dhadkan and deewane were released on the same day!

Harry Baweja made another plodder of a film, Dilwale which was a huge hit. He tries to include everything in the film, action, romance, comedy, villiany and comes up with a mixed pot of not very much.

I went telling myself that I would walk out (the trailer looked awful) if I found it unbearable…so I was surprised that I stayed till the end. Perhaps that is an indication to me. It’s no classic but its certainly better than Govinda’s last two efforts, if that is any yardstick to measure a film by!