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DADA (1977) Music by Tafo

DADA (1977) Music by Tafo

DADA (1977) Music by Tafo

Side A:  Meri Wayl Di Qameez – Noor Jehan. Lyrics Khawaja Parvaiz

Dada arrived onto the scene in a year that was to prove a pivotal one for the nation of Pakistan. Democracy was derailed (again!) and a precisely executed Military Coup brought General Zia Ul Haq to the seat of power and introduced a hard-line religious tone that accelerated the embracing of extremism. Lollywood would suffer a seismic jolt as films were brutally pared down to little more than comic book blood-baths and ingenious techniques to depict sex even if it was to be fully clothed! Dada was a film that suffered the axe of the censors’ axe as it came down heavily on the film demanding major incisions to be implemented to various scenes and also quite remarkably to a song in the film that was considered too lewd and vulgar to be left the way it had been recorded.

The song which has gone on to enjoy cult status is one of Madam Noor Jehan’s many saucy, sassy numbers of the era, most of which were massively popular with the populace and often drove the success of an entire film. In Dada, the song “Kuch Phiss Gayi Hai, Thori Faat Gayi Hai” was considered too offensive for the general public and the censor board demanded changes if they were to allow the song to remain in the film at all. So, Madame had to return to the studio and re-record a couple of lines “mainoo Dar Lagda, Maar Paray gi” instead of the offending lyrics of the original which were already widely available to the public as the vinyl record that had been released prior the films release contained the “uncensored version”. The song is a saucy classic and still manages to raise eyebrows whenever it is heard by an unsuspecting audience…Tafo’s wonderful use of sound effects makes sure of that! Madame Noor Jehan loved to sing a sexy number and her she turns on the juice like only she by interjecting some wonderful sound effects of her own along the way. It’s a classic song and done justice to by Najma in the film.

A handful of years before this song was forced a change of lyrics by the censor, another famous Noor Jehan song from the film Tehzeeb was also changed at the censors whim because it was feared that “laga hai Misr ka bazaar” would offend our Egyptian friends and so the song was altered for the film into “Laga hai husn ka bazaar” but as with Meri Wayl Di Qameez, the original Vinyl version has the “uncensored” version intact.

Side 2: Aay Charda ShababNahid Akhtar. Lyrics Khawaja Parvaiz

Finds Nahid Akhtar in seductive mode and cooking up quite a bit of steam. It’s a slow burner by Tafo and Nahid Akhtar enjoys getting her teeth into a number she does complete justice to. It’s a catchy little number and actually musically more interesting than the A side of this excellent record.
Once again Tafo delivers, with a little help from Madame ji and Nahid Akhtar and old partner in crime, Khawaja Parvaiz.