Chal Mere Bhai (2000)


Chal Mere Bhai (2000)
Cast: Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan, Karisma Kapoor
Director: David Dhawan
Synopsis: Mindless, meaningless and vacuous entertainer


Chal Mere Bhai is the latest David Dhawan installment in his list of mindless, meaningless and vacuous “entertainers” with nothing new to offer…However, having said that, Chal mere bhai is no better or worse than most of his previous efforts although how much of the same thing can the audience take. Well, time will tell whether this film will be a success ( I suspect that it will be moderately successful but then having lambasted Biwi No 1 as dreadful, it turned out to be the biggest hit of last year!) or whether the audience will now tire of these almost plotless frivilous ventures.

The plot, if one can call it that, concerns two adoring brothers… one a hardworking businessman (Sunjay Dutt), the other an aspiring actor (Salman Khan) who fall in love with the same girl who comes to work for their business (Karisma Kapoor). That in essence is all that happens except that when the girl is chosen for the elder one (as no one knows that she actually loves the actor), the aspiring actor gives the performance of his life and sacrifices his love for his brother.

Sounds all very melodramatic but fortunately it isn’t…except that the film is simply padded out with song after song desperately needed to elongate proceedings.

Sanjay Dutt in a refreshing change from his recent releases, does not furrow his brow or slick back his fair in a menacing look and gives an earnest account of himself. Salman Khan is now a master of making an ass of himself on screen and does it so very well. Hats off to him because he really is very funny, intentinally and unintentionally. Karisma Kapoor is good in a plum role and has a flair for comedy. She looks very nice for most of the film when dressed in kurtas but hideous when she dons one of the weirdest outfits seen in a long time in one of the many song situations. Keep it simple.

The songs are OK…zippy if not outstanding. The title number sung by Leslie Lewis and Shankar Mahadevan is catchy but when sung by Sanjay and Salman in their own voices, is dull and tedious. Chori chori is already a hit and meri need jane lagi hai will probably also do well. My personal favourite is Salman’s entry song…Mere baap ki biwi.

Nothing offensive, the kids enjoyed the film.