Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge


Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge (2000)
Cast: Salman Khan, Karisma Kapoor, Om Puri, Paresh Rawal, Anupam Kher
Director: David Dhawan
Nutshell: Sheltered heroine dumps her three demented uncles to experience life
Reviewed by: Faiz M. Khan


David Dhawan’s latest is no different from any of his previous efforts, more like Biwi No 1 in style than his Raja Babu. The film is a mishmash of other films and although the plot is nothing extraordinary, handled well, it could well have turned out to be a laugh-riot. It isn’t despite and it soon slips into a rather predictable and tedious fare.

Sapna (Karisma) is brought up by three uncles, one a fitness fanatic (Om Puri), one a religious nut (Paresh Rawal) and lastly a rather fey costume designer (Anupam Kher modelling himself on Xerxes no doubt). She lives her life by their rules but wants to “live life”. Salman Khan’s ask for her hand but are rudely shown the door and for that insult, Salman is out to woo and win the girl. They set off on a european tour (the latest fad it appears) and as was expected, love blooms. Back in India, he now has the task to win the hearts of the three uncles.

All rather predictable although there is the odd moment of amusement… The first half actually is much more fun because of this and because the film promises to fall into a completely whacky farce…sadly, this promise is not lived up to and it stumbles along from one “funny” situation to another, all rather unfunny.

Salman is his usual self…fortunately, he is not asked to emote so one misses out on the glassy-eyed expressions. But worry not, there is plenty of the shirtless wonder doing his usual routine…aerobic dances, the stupid idiot act which must come naturally and the obligatory shedding of his shirt which make no sense at all…the best being when he arrives home, takes his shirt off, looks out of the window and sees Sapna lying on some railway tracks and races out to save her. I suppose it is understandable when you see your beloved lying on railway tracks that you would not think of putting your shirt on in going to rescue her. Perhaps he should have jumped from the third floor as well!

Karisma is really quite amusing in scenes. The roles of the three uncles have not been developed and it all adds up into a rather forced and contrived story. The songs, at intervals of 15 minutes, each sounding like the other would probably be a good samosa break except that there are so many of them. On the whole, a flighty affair.