Kya Kool Hai Hum (2005)


Kya Kool Hai Hum (2005)
Cast: Tusshar, Riteish Deshmukh, Ishaa Kopikaar, Neha Dhupia
Director: Sangeeth Sivan
Music: Anu Malik
Nutshell: Braindead Bollywood take on the American Pie genre – hideous stuff


India finally has its own version of American Pie…cheap bawdy humour, the film, replete with double entrendres and vulgar humour, makes no bones about who this is aimed for. And whilst it is an utterly juvenile, in your face crass sex comedy, it seemed to go down a hoot with the audience.

The film revolves around the two hapless heroes, Rahul (Tusshar) and Karan (Riteish) both dreaming of making it rich and trying to nab any delectable babe who may have some bucks to spare. An astrologer tells Rahul that a girl with a til on her “dil” (read bust!) will change his luck and naturally, the rest of the film is spent by Karan peering down into babe’s blouses in the hope that the magic “til” will be discovered and provide him his fortune. One puerile scene leads to another until a serial killer is found on the loose and our pathetic Rahul is considered to be the horny hacker. At this point, the police turn to Dr Screwala (Anupam Kher) to advise them on how to nab the horny hacker.

In the meantime, Karan, wanting to score big, decides that he is going to take D.K (Raj Zutshi)’s ever clinging “girlfriend” off his hands…and of course, the “girlfriend” happens to be Bobby Darling, your friendly next door transvestite who happens to take over the plot. Thrown into this melee of crass stupidity is a foul mouthed pawn chewing police inspector Ishaa kopikkar who does a miss congeniality whose instructed to seduce the suspected horny hacker but ends up falling for him. Well, with one guy having his girl, the other cannot be too far since Bobby darling is hardly going to provide the romance. So we have the introduction of strip queen Neha, parading as a doctor, with specs to denote a degree of seriousness to her role.

The plot is completely haywire, tasteless and full of homophobic jokes, aimed at titillating the audiences. But it’s so shoddy and in such bad taste that it leaves the viewer groping for their vomit bags. What starts of with a kind of childish prepubescent charm, degenerates into a bloated and tedious yarn plodding on until it finally reaches a climax (pun not intended).

Sivan’s film is crude and vulgar but he makes no excuses for it. It’s nothing more than an updated “carry on “ romp except that the carry-ons would probably be considered to be subtle compared to this oversexed comedy. Sivan starts it off with a certain amount of panache but it soon disintegrates under the weight of wafer thin plot and its lack of real jokes. A gag here and there with a one-liner thrown in for good measure does not maketh a film. And Tusshar and Riteish are no Lemmon and Matthau.

Tusshar Kapoor makes a decent effort and does well as a pathetic little wimp. The role seems tailor made and fits him like a glove. Riteish seems to perform well in comedy, and comes off somewhat better than Tusshar. Ishaa Koppikar has a blast on screen but she’s never going to make the A grade. Neither is the pasty and decidedly untalented Neha. The music of the film stinks.

What is shocking that in this day and age, when films seem to have shorted running times that this comedy runs at over 2 hours and forty minutes. Had it been one hour shorter, it may have been a giggle…instead, it’s torturous and mind numbing. Avoid with a barge pole!