Censorship in Pakistani Cinema – examples


We have recently come into possession of some slips of officialdom from the offices of the film censors which make for fascinating viewing. All the scenes and dialogues that have been deemed offensive have been listed and it is quite interesting to see what the censors felt was too strong for public consumption in Pakistan.

Following is a list of films and some of the censor cuts made to them:

censors snipped away a few scenes

Hashar Nashar: (total deletions of 1,020 ft) 1. The entire dream sequence of Ali Ejaz deleted (668 ft of film)
2. Shot of both girls under the quilt deleted as well as a shot of one girl lying down while the other girl sits by her in the song: Meri Saheli Muhje Pyar

Sholay: (total deletions 163 ft of film)
1. The role of Sultan Rahi as a teacher is removed in its entirety
2. The word “kuttiya” removed
3. Shot where Sultan Rahi touches Anjuman’s face during a song
4. Last fight between Mustafa Qureshi and Rahi reduced by 50%
5. Chasing of girl by horsemen reduced by 50%
6. Shot where student misbehaves with teacher and the scene where fighting dogs are set on the teacher are both removed.

Dulhan Aik Raat Ki: (173 ft cut)
1. Entire song dance of Yasmin Khan deleted
2. The striking of breasts of girls in song dance ao jane wale main tere qurbaan
3. Exposure of breasts wherever they occur
4. Frontal jerks and vulgar gestures in two other songs
5. Entire song dance Aja Aja

Maula Bux: (151 ft cut)
1. attempted rape of Maula Bux’s sister by Jabir Khan cut from the point where Khan gets hold of the girl till the girl is shown running away
2. Cruelty to the child is reduced retaining link only
3. Shots where Ghulam Mohiuddin lifts up Nadra and close frontal embrace cut from the song…
4. Scene where Rahi is seen beating Neeli with his shoe reduced by 70%
5. Attempted rape of Neeli by Zahir Shah reduced by 75% especially the scene where he overpowers her on the bed

Blood, mayhem, death……on and on it goes

Sikandra (18ft)
1. Removal of Nicker (underwear) of hero by Rangeela and Khalifa Nazir cut
2. Embrace between Ghulam Mohiuddin and Mumtaz cut
3. Scene of Mumtaz being thrown around from one man to another reduced by 50% particularly the pulling of her hair
4. Repeated stabbings of Humayun Qureshi by Sultan Rahi reduced to one stab only
5. Dialogue of gangsters to Anjuman erased “toon aa tenoon kharaab karain”

Fauja (70ft)
1. Repeated stabbing of police inspector by young boy reduced to two strokes only
2. From the last fight scene showing chopped limbs and liver lying on the ground and flying in the air has been cut
3. Wrong translations by Maulvi (Afzaal Khan) while teaching children cut
4. Scene showing Nargis eating a banana cut
5. The song dance chad lagi ae masti’s vulgar pelvic movements on charpai, vulgar breast and hip movements, rubbing of hip on ground, vulgar symbolic gestures by Nargis with her hands and prominent low neck shots
6. Song picturised on Saima and Nargis particularly shot where Saima standing behind Nargis and vice versa giving impression of lesbianism
7. Close up shots of naval of Saima

Gajjar badshah (189 ft)
Interestingly the stabbing scene that features as one of our miniclips is on the list of scenes that has supposedly been cut.

Hasdey Aao Hasdey Jao (62 ft)
Breast shake in song deleted

Keemat (270 ft)
1. Rape scene of Bahar reduced to link only
2. Shot of embrace and rubbing of legs behind hillocks
3. Various fight scenes

Dulari (430 ft)
1. Entire scene where children jump over the body of Anjuman
2. Labour pains shots of Saiqa reduced by 70%
3. Various fights reduced

Tehzeeb (58 ft)
1. Close-ups of wine bottles
2. Actual drinking curtailed
3. Vulgar breast and hip movements
4. Word “Misr” in all songs cut and replaced by “husn”

Anjuman (66ft)
1. Rani’s dance in music conference, close up of hip and breast movement only, frontal movements and provocative gestures with knees apart
2. Passionate breathing by Rani before going to Santosh, close ups of embraces and her lying on the thigh of Santosh
3. Close ups of Arif and Deeba when Arif is suffering from fever
4. Rani’ s dance when Arif comes in – all vulgar hip and breast movements, Rani lying in arifs lap (indecent and seductive poses only)
5. Liquor drinking scenes
6. Close up of Rani in her dance and lying posture
7. The last dance of Rani – spinning dancing violently with head upwards, blood oozing from her mouth close ups

Haseena Atom Bomb (333 ft)
1. Frontals and close ups and vulgar hip movements of Mussarat Shaheen in song Main Hoon Haseena Atom Bomb
2. Jerks and see through shots , vulgar gestures with feet of Nazia Hafeez in song Vulgar hip movements of Shahnaz and Badar in song sequence
3. Embraces, close ups of hips, still shots of kissing and lifting of Shahnaz by Badar
4. Another disco song of shehnaz
5. Various dialogues removed

Zinda Laash (159 ft)
1. Vulgar and indecorous movements from the dance in Professor’s house have been deleted.
2. The dance accompanying the drinking scene where the wine bottles have been shown too much and people have been shown drinking, has been curtailed. Vulgar movements of hips and breasts deleted.
3. Last club dance contains vulgar movements of hips and breasts, dancer is shown lying on the ground, these along with the twist movements have been deleted.
4. The word “St. Joseph” spoken by the Manager of the Club has been deleted.

just some examples of Censorship in Pakistani Cinema over the years.