It’s a well established fact that a high proportion of Lollywood films are simply regurgitated, cheap versions of their Bollywood counterparts. Almost every second Lollywood film can be instantly recognized as a rehash of some recent Bollywood epic but it might come as a bit of a surprise to find that once in a while, big brother Bollywood also finds the easy way out by pilfering a plot or two from its poor cousin here in Lollywood. Following is a comprehensive list of the Bollywood films and their Lollywood inspiration. The following list covers films up until 1996 or so and will not contain titles like Gadar and Tere Pyar Main.

It has come to our attention that this particular “list” has generated a lot of heated discussion and mud slinging from both Lollywood and Bollywood supporters with people claiming the list to be totally false, a hoax aimed at discrediting Bollywood. Some people ought to try to confront what are clearly rather obvious facts and stop the inane almost childish denial. FACT: copying goes back and forth from Bollywood to Lollywood (most of the time) but occasionally a hit Lollywood formula (and more commonly, songs) are borrowed by Bollywood as well – WHAT is the big deal?

Anyway for the futile idiocy of providing even one example, please recall the famous hit song from FIZA which was a note for note and almost word for word copy of Shazia Manzoor’s Lollywood smash………and lets face it this won’t be the only examples by many a mile. However at the same time it has to be accepted that something that is successful is what is copied…whether it be a movie, a song, or even an ice cream shop! And Lollywood fanatics ought to realize that no Lollywood film in the forthcoming future (century) is about to break into the US and UK Box Office top ten lists…what point does denial serve? Alas just when one was hailing Sandeep Chowta as musical maestros, it transpires that their gorgeous Kambakht Ishq tune is also completely lifted, note for note from an african track that appears on the Afro-Celt series of CD’s. Bollywood or Lollywood……they’re all a bunch of copycats!

The other fact is that Bollywood freely and wholeheartedly borrows from Hollywood….more so than ever, while Lollywood borrows from Bollywood in huge quantities…..but those who pretend that it simply cannot be that Bollywood would stoop so “low” as to copy from Lollywood every once in a while are very clearly deluding themselves. Success is always copied, doesn’t matter where it originated.

Why the need to degenerate any normal discussion into a pathetic mud slinging match which only shows how petty we ALL can be sometimes? Surely life is already far too short to have so much energy and time for so much hatred?

After all, imitation is indeed the highest form of praise and flattery is it not, and certainly success if always “borrowed” from, not only in Bollywood and Lollywood, but the world over.

** This write up was written a while ago…there have been many further instances of songs and movies being borrowed ever so cleverly. If you noticed any, please do write to us so we can add them to a list starting here!

example:  Baby Doll – the smash hit song filmed on Sunny Leone is in fact almost entirely lifted from an old Sindhi folk tune from years gone by.