Bas Itna Sa Khwab Hai


Bas Itna Sa Khwab Hai (2001)
Cast: Jackie Shroff, Abhishek Bachchan, Rani Mukherjee
Director: Goldie Behl
Music Director: Adesh Shrivastva
Nutshell: Dull, plodding tale of innocence corrupted by avarice and greed….yawn!


Goldie Behl’s maiden effort is a misguided and misplaced effort proving more of a nightmare than a dream come true. His protagonist is a starry eyed lad from Benares, Suraj whose role model is Naved Ali (Jackie), modelled on the Bond Villian in “the world is not enough”. A meglomaniac with all the trappings to show off his hi-tech ambitions- multi tv screns, slinky sets and side kick Lara (Sushmita Sen) to boot.

Suraj arrives in the big city of Mumbai to enter college where he meets feet-steady-on-the-ground Pooja (Rani). Love blossoms tediously between the two, with little charm or chemistry between them. But Suraj has big dreams and is picked up by Naved Ali and employs him at the TV station. Guided by the sleek Lara, the boy changes into a swanky executive, drunk on attention and adulation. He wants more…

Bas itna sa is not path breaking or novel in any way. The film follows the same theme explored in Raju ban gaya gentleman but falters badly in its execution. It also does not have the simplicity of the Shahrukh Khan film neither the feel of being real at all. Will anyone actually identify with any of the characters or the film at all. I doubt it! The film in essence is a drag and plods along at snails pace. In fact, there is very little interest generated in the first half, the romance of the lead pair so very contrived and dull. Song after song slow down matters even more and I cannot remember a film of late which has had such a boring score.

Abhishek Bachchan needs a Zanjeer. He has neither his father’s talent nor his intensity. No doubt he tries hard and is earnest in his endeavours but they are at best insipid. Wish one could say more but so far, the spark is completely missing and this film will do nothing to further his career. Rani Mukherjee does her routine peppy act which bores…compare this Rani with the Rani in Kuch kuch hota hai and you will realise how an actor can never rise above the script. The college scenes here are dull and lack imagination and Rani can do nothing to lighten the load. She later settles down into the role of the long suffering girlfriend, unhappy with her beloved’s descent into greed for adulation. She has a scene or two but that’s it.

Jackie Shroff’s villianous turns are becoming somewhat tedious. Smart, slick and as removed from anything Indian, he is not a character but a caricature. It is only Sushmita Sen who manages to give an excellent Account of herself despite her short role. She looks strangely jaded but gives a most natural and unaffected performance. Quality stuff in an unqualified disaster.

Music is dreadful! The director, Goldie Behl does a decent job but perhaps tries too hard to give his film a modern touch to such an extent that he goes over the edge completely. Some really interesting images, some good scenes but one or two do not maketh a film. Better luck next time.