Khauff (2000)


Khauff (2000)
Cast: Sunjay Dutt, Manisha
Director: Sanjay Gupta
Nutshell: Ultra violent slick vigilante style potboiler that fails to boil


Another Manisha-Sanjay Dutt starrer directed by the slick and vapid Mr Sanjay Gupta. Does Mr Gupta ever make a film without stealing ideas and scenes from other films, especially hollywood films. I wonder. I cannot even remember if any of his films have done well, although I am sure some may have and can only recall Aatish, Hamesha…

The plot has small town girl coming to the city (manisha) who witnesses a murder and is then terrorised into not giving evidence. The murderer is the son of a prominent man and as it will be very obvious if she is also bumped off, they hire a hit man (Sanjay Dutt) to ward her off from giving evidence. So she is sent off by the police to mauritius so that she protected until the trial but is pursued by Dutt there. It soon transpires that they will have to get rid of the girl and Dutt then turns her protector as he has fallen in love with the girl.

All very convoluted and very unconvincing, the film is a basic lift of the Alec Baldwin-Demi Moore film The Juror, itself a major disaster. There is nothing to save this film and nothing that either of the stars can do to make any of it convincing. Shot slickly like a video, the film has nothing to recommend it except perhaps one racy number Gori too chali kahan. I just wish that Sanjay Dutt’s new passion for dancing would die an early death because it is simply so forced and ridiculous to watch. Approach this one with khauff for it’s an ordeal in tedium.