Kyon ki Main Jhoot…


Kyon ki Main Jhoot Nahin Bolta (2001)
Cast: Govinda, Sushmita Sen, Rambha
Director: David Dhawan
Music: Anand Raaj Anand
Nutshell: Liar Liar gets the David Dhawan-Govinda treatments with putrid results!


The team is back, that is, David Dhawan and Govinda, this time in a supposed reworking of the Jim Carrey film Liar Liar. But instead of using the original’s premise and working the script around that, the film labours its first two hours before we have the “wish upon a falling star” forcing our lying hero to say nothing but the truth…by which time, the audience is already in slumberland, having seen this kind of tedium on so many occasions before, done with much more panache, by this team in particular.

Raj (Govinda) is a lawyer who sets his eyes on the rich and respected Mr Tejpal’s (Anupam Kher) younger daughter (Sushmita Sen). This is prompted also by the fact that Tejpal’s other son in law (Sharad Kapoor) is a ghar jamai and has wealth at his fingertips by virtue of being with his father in law. So Raj sets about impressing and romancing the dumb Sushmita who falls for his act hook line and sinker. But he is in for a rude shock when after marriage, instead of living at home with her father, she chooses to move in with hubby in his basti, much to his disgust.

So he vows to make loads of money and aligns himself with the dredges of society (Ashish Vidyarti etc), defending them in their various cases, “lying his way” through court. In this mess, the well rounded Rambha also make an appearance as, well, I am not very sure who she is, whether is the gangster’s moll, the ganster’s sister, secretary, perhaps I missed that while I snoozed. Raj’s first “fees” from the baddies is a song in the house with good ol Thunder thighs, actually not thundering as much as before!

Seven years later, Raj has climbed his way up the ladder of success. He seems to enjoying the company of the baby elephant for no rhyme or reason but we imagine so that he can keep his “clients” business. Wifey is so very dumb, has no idea of her husband’s philandering and she falls for all his lies. Yawn yawn, now two hours into the film and we still haven’t had the Liar Liar bit. So finally, when divorce is looming, Raj’s son makes a wish that his father should not lie. Aha, perhaps now we may have some clever lines, some funny situations…but we don’t. We have a plethora of situations where instead of being truthful, our Raj is simply rude and can do nothing about it. By this stage, if there is anyone left in the cinema, proceedings get even more predictable.

KMJNB is dull, not quite as ditchwater but nearing it. The songs are awful, the picturisations not much better. The main culprit is a rotten script…not well written, not witty in the least with no situations which prompt anything more than a chuckle on at most, an occasion or two.

Govinda is the star of the film and even he cannot save this dealthy bore from being anything than that. An artist is as good as his materials and despite his obvious brilliance in comedy, this is not in evidence in this flick. In fact, he tries very hard to ape Jim Carrey and its simply dreadful. Sushmita Sen is wasted and is actually embarrassing as his wife. Rambha has little to do. The rest of the lot aren’t even worth mentioning.

The music is bad, very bad. And last but not least, David Dhawan has really made a dog’s dinner out of this effort. There is no energy, no innovativeness in his direction and his last few outings have been showing Dhawan in poor form. This one maintains the trend. One to avoid.