Pyar Ishq Mohabbat


Pyar Ishq Mohabbat (2001)
Cast: Sunil Shetty, Kirti Redd, Arjun Ramphal, Aftab, Monica Bedi
Director: Rajiv Rai
Music Director: Viju Sha
Nutshell: far fetched tale suffers due to the putrid acting of its main lead Ms. Reddy


Rajiv Rai bounces back after Gupt with a film different from his earlier action flicks. This time he concentrates on a love story. Pyaar Ishq Mohabbat is set almost entirely abroad and therefore opens to breathtaking scenery and locations. Mr Yash Sabharwal (Sunil Shetty) dreams of a girl standing on a cliff and it appears that his dreams have come true when he presents a scholarship to Isha Nayar (Kirti Reddy) and falls madly in love with her. A rishtaa is sent for her but she wants to study and refuses Yash who believes that everything is a business, including the matter of love. Rejected, he comes across an actor Gaurav (Arjun Ramphal) and strikes a deal with him. The deal is that for 10 crores, Gaurav is to woo, win and then break Isha’s heart so that she comes back to Yash. Far fetched???

Isha is now firmly ensconsced in Lord Bhardwaj’s (Dalip Tahil) castle in Scotland, whose son Taj (Aftab) takes a shine to her. But Gaurav being a smoothie, manages to manoevre himself into Isha’s heart without much of a problem. But we know that Gaurav does not love Isha and that he is going to reject her…the question is, why should she end up with Yash and why not Taj? And who is to say that Gaurav will not fall for her also. That in essence is what the film is about although, it is hardly a surprise who Isha ends up with at the very end.

Pyaar Ishq Mohabbat is an inordinately long film and unnecessarily so. It has a potentially interesting plot but this becomes all rather predictable and tedious. The biggest problem must be the central character of Isha Nayar, played by Kirti Reddy. This is not an actress of repute, having just one hindi release before this one and she really shows no sign of improvement. She is like a plastic doll with no expression or feeling at all. For this role, you needed someone with personality and some acting talent, something which Kirti seems to be completely devoid of. You wanted someone with innocence who could show a vulberability and with whom you felt empathy. I immediately envisage what someone like Audrey Hepburn would have done to a role like this. Sunil Shetty has a role with greyish shades but again this could have been developed more. Aftab has a smaller role and does it ably although I cannot imagine him modelling for anything except corrective lip surgery. Arjun Ramphal is introduced in this film and considering how wooden models usually are, he makes an impressive debut He also has a very good voice. I think he could go far if he chooses his material well.

Viju Sha manages a fairly spunky soundtrack although similar in style to his ditties in Gupt and not as good. Rajiv Rai directs with an assured touch but its all rather glossy with a feeling of hollowness. Basically, what he’s trying to say in his rather opulent fashion is “can’t buy me love”. But no one really cares about Isha, certainly I did not, she is played with so much charmlessness by Ms Reddy. Beautiful photography, some nice choreography makes this pleasing on the eye but Pyar Ishq Mohabbat is not a film I shall be rushing out to rent on DVD.