Yeh Raaste Hain Pyar Ke


Yeh Raaste Hain Pyar Ke (2001)
Cast: Ajay Devgun, Madhuri Dixit, Preity Zinta
Director: Deepak Shivdasani
Music Director: Sanjeev-Darshan
Nutshell: A putrid, dull, intensely boring Raaste to nowhere! Avoid at all costs.


Love is a journey, not a destination is the caption that comes with the film title. Methinks its more befitting a bus ride going nowhere, something like the circle line in London which goes round and round, somewhat like this piece of absolutely rubbish which somehow finds place in the cinemas of today, that too released in direct competition to Dil Chahta hai, a film of such superiority in comparison to this, that one wonders why films like this are made at all. But hey, I actually have the answers for you…because this film will do very well in the interiors where they do not want sophistication or style but old fashioned tripe. (While Dil Chahta Hai is struggling outside the big urban centres). Sorry folks but this is exactly that…dog food.

Vicky (Ajay Devgun) and Saakshi (Preity Zinta) are an item, conning people and stealing their cars. One fine day, Vicky has a fight with one of the baddies and the baddie dies accidentally. Chief Baddie (Deep Dhillon) swears revenge and follows the hapless couple down the streets of Delhi, trying to run Vicky down. Saakshi hides in the bushes while Vicky escapes into a hotel, only to have his humshakal Rohit appear at just that time. Chance would be a fine thing you may say and of course, the baddie runs down innocent Rohit. Saakshi arrives at the scene and not unsurprisingly believes her beloved to be dead! Vicky, having escaped on a bus to Manali, which surprise surprise happens to be Rohit’s town, is mistaken for Rohit by all except Rohit’s father. Rohit’s father then explains that Rohit was killed on the day of his honeymoon and his wife has gone a bit loopy since that day. Neha (madhuri) is suffering from partial amnesia and the deal is that Vicky remain here until they manage to create another accident like that in which Rohit was killed so that she can face and exorcise her own demons.

Having accepted 40 lacs for this task, he makes off with a necklace, back into the arms of the mourning Saakshi, only to realise that Rohit was killed having been mistaken for Vicky. Guilt hits big time and he returns to the fold, promising to help Neha. He is however warned that he must use sleeping pills which must be slipped into Neha’s drink at night and must not take advantage of her…if only he had, it may have been a more interesting film.

Ho hum, this is utter bunkum. For those who see the film, that rhyming start to this sentence will especially make them cringe. Utterly predictable from the first minute until the last, there is nothing very much that can save this film. With a plot line which is utterly unbelievable, you have to be something special to be able to pull off a film as ordinary as this one. But Shivdasanii is no great shakes as a director and has possibly added the extra “i” to his name to bring him luck…which he certainly needs. Having said that, I do think that this mindless drivel will appeal in the smaller centres.

The light of the film is Madhuri Dixit and without her, this film would be unwatchable. She does not enter until 55 minutes of the film are up and one has to say that it is the first 55 minutes which are dull and so utterly uninteresting. When Madhuri enters the arena, the film becomes bearable and fortunately, she is then there for the rest of the film. But yet again, the she has not chosen the vehicle for her talent well. Why she turned Astitva down, and did this rubbish, Lord only knows. Ajay Devgun has lost so much weight that he looks ill. His is a very uninspired performance. Preity Zinta stepped in Karisma’s shoes for this role and once again, one wonders what a zesty and interesting actress like her saw in her role. She is wasted. The music of the film is dull as well, the only one passing muster being the Madhuri number composed by Adnan Sami and sung by Asha Bhosle. The rest of the songs are by and large utterly forgettable. On the whole, pretty dire and not a journey that I would take!!!