“Naheed Faces Challenge” – Morning News, Karachi 1976


“Naheed Faces Challenge” – (Morning News, Karachi 1976)

Up and coming play-back singer Naheed Akhtar, is fast coming up to challenge the prestigious position held for many years by the Melody Queen Nur Jehan who is rarely being seen around the studios these days.

Teenager Naheed Akhtar who became the darling of the millions due to her charming voice, is going steady with music director M. Ashraf.  This is likely to make an interesting story.

About seven months back, music director M. Ashraf had an exchange of hoth words with Melody Queen Nur Jehan over some point.  This led to a quarrel between Nur Jehan’s latest hubby, actor Yousuf Khan, and music director Ashraf.

Enraged over this, M. Ashraf boycotted Nur Jehan and luckily for him Naheed Akhtar had just entered the film world as a promising new singer.  M. Ashraf who is responsible for composing music for most of the Urdu films made by the Shabab Group, S. Suleman, Parvez Malik etc. started sponsoring Naheed Akhtar which resulted in lesser number of songs for Nur Jehan who is now singing more sexy and vulgar Punjabi songs and fewer Urdu songs.

This close collaboration brought the singer and the composer closer to each other and now they are said to be going steady.  This may come as shocking to many of her fans but it is doing good to Naheed Akhtar as she is gradually stepping up in the industry and indeed she is the best among the new voices recently introduced.


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