Black Cat (2009)


Black Cat (2009)
Cast; Anjuman Shehzadi, Nida Chodhary, Ahmad Butt, Rida Chodhary, Shakeel Raja, Hina, Hanan
Director: Saeed Ali Khan
Nutshell:  A lurid tale of sex, lies, deception, Viagra, Nymphomaniacs, murder, haunted houses, vengeful spirits, demonic possession, delectable outfits and stunningly vulgar dances.  Wholesome Family Entertainment, Lollywood style.


Saeed Ali Khan, best known for his international art house sensation Haseena Atom Bomb has come a long way and continued to refine his art along the way.  In 2009’s Black Cat he has a showcase to display his considerable array of dazzling skills as a director with a unique aesthetic and superior sensibilities.  The opening shot in “The Color Cope” Black Cat is one of Anjuman Shehzadi’s underwear as she writhes on the bed losing control of her “jazbaat”, fondling herself in anticipation of her ageing, flabby but supremely rich husband joining her.  Age has taken its toll on Anj’s latest husband but he whips out pops a little blue pill and informs his wife that he is ready to “rise to the challenge” – (Jazbaat ki jang jeetnay, hathyar utha raha hoon meri jaan).  She purrs in delight as the director once again lingers lovingly on her undies.

Then follows a full-on sex scene Lollywood style with the man breathing heavily and making exclamations such as “oh my…. oh godt, aargh come on, aaah come on darling, uff…come onnnn” between groans and grunts as he reaches out for a bottle on his bedside knocking it down as he reaches the throes of ecstasy.  The bottle spurts and oozes a liquid as Saeed Ali Khan displays his subtle use of symbolism to display the joy of union.

There is no flesh on display during this scene and nothing closely resembling private body parts and yet, the subtle rubbing of the feet, the sound effects and the facial expressions render this scene with a sexual electricity this is difficult to resist.  Clearly Saeed Ali Khan has assumed the masterclass in his field of expertise.

Anjuman Shehzadi takes little time to bond with her step daughter Nida Chaudhary who has a bright young class mate as a steady boyfriend and life is all smiles but all this happy family’s thing doesn’t take long to turn horribly sour.

Nymphomaniac Anjuman Shehzadi starts to take a toll on her raggedy-ass husband and he has to pop more and more pills to meet her lofty expectations.  Clearly, she is voracious man-eater and Anj frequently takes to threesomes while her flabby husband is out earning the cheese!  Apart from her threesome friends she is also in a full-fledged relationship with her step daughter’s boyfriend too.  The boyfriend is merely a pawn in her game designed to secure maximum power and wealth.  After a particularly strenuous lovemaking tryst with the Nympho, the old fart keels over having overdosed on Viagra.

Sadly for Anj, her boastful conversations of success and conquest to her partners is overheard by the step daughter Nida Chuadhary who confronts her with dire consequences only to be brutally stabbed in the gut by her two-timing boyfriend who is actually Anj’s current Boy Toy.

3 months pass and Anj is beginning to fret as the money starts to dwindle due to the excessive partying of her cohorts.  She has already sold her ex-husband’s house and is now looking for a new rich chump to leech off.  Meanwhile snazzy young socialite Shazi moves into Anj’s old house which her rich and muscular stud of a fiancée (Ahmed Butt) has presented her.  Shazi is happy but also very disappointed as the is bent on moving to Europe which she feels is her spiritual home and isn’t too thrilled to receive a house suggesting a permanent stay in Pakistan.  None the less, she moves in but it isn’t long before strange sounds awaken her at night.  When she investigates she discovers a spade outside that keeps falling down even though she props it up again and again.  A flower pot falls suddenly and she is convinced of a ghostly presence menacing her.  Most disturbingly however is the propensity for a little Black Cat to come flying through the air from any random direction and for little apparent reason!

A hunky cop is summoned to investigate but Shazi is left wondering whether it was all her imagination after all.  Slowly the spirit of the murdered Nida Chaudhary rises from her shallow grave to take revenge on those who wronged her.  Her spirit is capable of morphing into any shape or form (think Terminator 2) and she takes full advantage of her training as a stage dancer and proceeds to allure her victims with a series of twitchy, sexy numbers which end up with wearing spectacular contact lenses and developing one of those telltale booming “demonic voices”.  With the voice comes supernatural powers of incredible strength and telekinetic powers and also the ability to disembowel people with her bare hands!

There is much debauchery, double-crossing and dubiousness before the film winds its way to its horrifying conclusion.

In Black Cat Saeed Ali Khan has masterfully shaped a quite potent concoction of Lollywood Masala fused with some truly diabolical possession-style horror to come up trumps.  His trump card in achieving his target is a truly succulent performance by Anjuman Shehzadi who dwarfs the lesser sirens Nida and Rida Chaudhary with her sheer voluptuousness and oomph!  Credit also to spectacularly sexy dresses by, as the credits go: “Dreses by Khushbo Collection”.  A film that would be appreciated by the John Waters school of thought, in other words “for the discerning customer”.

N.B: It is learned with great sadness that Anjuman Shehzadi passed away (June 2011) having apparently suffered a heart attack after overdosing on a cocktail of drugs.  A sad loss for the film and stage world.