Ilsa; Harem Keeper


Ilsa; Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks (1975)
Starring: Dyanne Thorne, Tanya Boyd, Marilyn Joy
Director: Don Edmunds
Synopsis: Follow up to the notorious She Wolf is more of the same but not as strong or as much fun.


This time around, about thirty years on, one would have expected SS Kommandant Fraulien Ilsa to have aged by just a wrinkle or two, but fortunately for legions of her devotees, she returns as voluptuous as ever – and as sadistically wicked as ever.

Ilsa, having escaped from the crumbling Reich, has set up home in the vast estate of mega powerful oil baron and warlord Sheik Al-Shareef as his right-hand man. Ilsa hasn’t been able to shake off her stunning accent, nor most of her sadistic torture routines – after all, old habits die hard. Her job is considerably less exciting than it had been in the heady days of the Reich, but then she can’t complain as she is able to amuse herself conjuring up new techniques of death, torture and sadism. Ilsa has two wonderful eunuch assistants whom she uses to impose her brutal iron fist to manage the vast expanses of the sheiks fiefdom.

Life isn’t bad for Ilsa in her new role, yet one senses that she yearns for the good old days of the Reich and her beloved Fuhrer. However generous and wealthy the sheik may be, he is no Fuhrer and the devotion levels can hardly be in the same league! Nonetheless, so long as he keeps his filthy paws away from her, Ilsa tolerates the creep, for he pays well and has given her plenty of power to wield.

Things start getting complicated when the American’s sent a representative to discuss matters pertaining to Oil. Ilsa knows that her opposite number in these discussions is a spy, yet she can’t help her weakness when it comes to young studs who know to satisfy her voracious sexual appetite. The young American buck entrances Ilsa with his potency and she almost falls in love/lust with him completely forgetting her allegiance to the low life sheik. It’s a deathly game of double deception all around as all plans go haywire and Ilsa is left to fend for herself against the demented sheik and a backstabbing boyfriend. Still, she has her twin terrors, Silk and Velvet who will defend their mistress till the bitter end.

This installment of Ilsa tries hard but fails to match the sordid heights of the previous movie set in Nazi Germany. Ilsa’s soft touch is most unwelcome and though she is on top form devising the most monstrous deaths and tortures, it seems her heart is not into her job the way it was when working for the Fuhrer! The side characters are less interesting and the sleaze never reaches the same wonderful depths of the first Ilsa film. Also, the tortures don’t appear to be quite as stomach churning as before, alas.

For Ilsa fans, the film will do quite nicely, yet there is no way in which this improves upon Ilsa, She Wolf, the notorious original despite having the same director.