Disco Godfather (1979)


Disco Godfather (1979)
Cast: Rudy Ray Moore, Carol Speed Jimmy Lynch, Jerry Jones, Hawthorne James, Lady Reed.
Director:  J. Robert Wagoner
Synopsis:  Ex Cop turned Disco Godfather makes a pledge to rid his Hood of the scourge of Angel Dust that has devastated the streets.


The Disco is hopping on a Friday night with the brothers and sisters, hombres both good and bad all strutting their funky stuff on that magnificent flashing dancefloor; it’s party time 70s style and this one is absolutely hoppin’ with some serious heat.  Then the roof literally explodes off the top of the Blueberry Hill Discotheque as things go into hyper drive with the introduction of The Disco Godfather.  His adoring, swooning fans go into a state of delirium as anyone would.

With just one or two deft twitches of the thighs,a swivel of the hips combined with a pelvic thrust or two, everyone can clearly see why this man is The Godfather of the Disco.  The crowd goes into raptures of ecstasy as The Godfather takes to the mike and exhorts and encourages them with his signature line “Put your weight on it, put your weight on it, put your weight on it”, and order they follow adoringly. It’s Friday Night and the party is turnt all the way up, heaving and popping to the directions of the Mighty Godfather.

Bucky and his girl are hitting the dancefloor at the Blueberry Hill Discotheque but something just isn’t right the two.  Bucky’s girl senses that he is distracted and that “seems so different” and that “He is smoking too much” but Bucky is adamant that all is well and that he is in control of the situation.  He leaves her in the lurch on the road and makes off with a seedy friend instead.  Meanwhile the Disco Godfather’s party is jumping and popping with all sorts of slick moves and stunningly flamboyant outfits on display.  Impeccable hairstyles and impressive cuts also on display in the era before curl relaxant made the Afro a thing of the past.

Inside the party is in full swing when Bucky returns in a state causing the dancefloor to clear in seconds.  Bucky, speaking in tongues and flailing away madly is clearly in a drugged stupor and one of the Disco Godfather’s friends explains that it looks very much like the drug that is sweeping the Hood with brothers and sisters dropping like files or ending up at the local asylum. Bucky happens to be The Disco Godfather (Turner Williams’s) nephew and a rising star Basketball player.

As the Godfather soon discovers the horrors caused by the drug and how it is blighting the community but he final clincher for him is when he is told of the “Baby Roast” when a young girl roasted her four-month-old baby and served it up as a meal to guests under the influence of PCP or Angel Dust or “The Wack” as it’s known on the street.

The Godfather watches his nephew Bucky hallucinate in the hospital and vows to battle the curse of Angel Dust before it destroys an entire generation.  He allies with his former colleagues at the police station and the citizens devoting his daytime “to personally come down on the suckers that’s producing this shit!”.  The nights are for sustaining the success of his Club where he is the star attraction; The Disco Godfather.

There are numerous obstacles to conquer such as crooked cops, slimy millionaire businessmen with dodgy dealing, a lot of Kung Fu Warriors and of course the scourge of Angel Dust itself and the horrifying hallucinatory trips that the drug causes.  The Disco Godfather (AKA Turner Williams) confronts all the horrors front on and locks horns with the worst evils and the danger and by the conclusion of the film sacrifices his own well-being in order to rid his community of the scourge of PCP.

But will the Evil Dust prove to be more toxic than the Godfather can handle and will it prove to be his ultimate demise?  Is this the dawn of the end of The Disco Age and another battle lost in the war against drugs?And yet, if anyone can rise to the challenge, surely it is Turner Wililams, the Disco Godfather.

The film is an intoxicating concoction of fabulous Disco funk, Superb Outfits and dance moves, awesome hairstyles and some nightmarish “freaked out” drug induced visions and some pretty far out violence and gore as well.  Everything done with style and a with a soundtrack to kill for.

The Disco Godfather may not be the best Blaxploitation film ever but it certainly is among the most solidly entertaining and musically masterful.  Cracking entertainment and it absolutely compels you to get up and “Put your weight on it, put your weight on it, put your weight on it!“.