Goorkund (1995)


Goorkund (1995)
Cast: Badar Munir, Shahnaz, Imran, Naimat, Babra Raj
Director: Imran Khan & Shahnaz Begum
Nutshell: shocking tale of deviancy featuring scenes of necrophilia and rape


Opens with a village simpleton cycling up to the local graveyard and calling out to Goorkund Baba who is the graveyard keeper cursed with a dreadful set of buck teeth and a nasty, menacing scowl. The lad informs Goorkund about a funeral procession that is due to take place later in the day and suggests that Goorkund should get a move on preparing a fresh grave. Later in the day when the procession arrives amidst much sobbing hysteria, Goorkund becomes strangely excited upon seeing that the corpse belongs to a buxom beauty even if she is very dead and badly discoloured. Goorkund waits for midnight before returning to the grave to make a closer inspection. He digs up the body and proceeds to have passionate sex with the corpse in the graveyard in a shocking, unprecedented scene of cinematic necrophilia.

Later on, there are much festivities in the graveyard as Goorkund rapes yet another cadaver and his posse of faithful zombies emerge from their graves and dance around (appropriately enough) to Michael Jackson’s thriller! After an opening, as bizarre as that, the rest of the film has a lot to live up to and shockingly enough, it doesn’t disappoint. We have Badar Munir as the village rebel with a golden heart who is pitted against the forces of evil in the form of villainous Zabardast Khan as well as the local corrupt police and law authorities. Bombshell Shahnaz who co-directed this shocker makes an unforgettable entry that will have her fans reeling in ecstasy. Her entry alone is alone worth watching the film for and she is perfectly cast as a wild warrior woman on a mission who has fallen foul of the law time and again…yet absolutely nothing can deter her in her quest for revenge from those who wronged her – (we await the obligatory flashback sequence).

There is a quite sensational scene when a nasty villain is about to torch a woman having doused her with kerosene, yet just as he throws a burning match in the helpless woman’s direction, Superwoman Shahnaz arrives and catches the match stick flying through the air in her bare fingers millimetres before it would have hit. Phew, what a close shave! Then the violence levels are turned up even further as the mighty Shahnaz teaches the rapist a lesson he will never forget. Later Badar and Shahnaz unite against the odds in order to find that elusive commodity; justice. Poor Badar has to contend with a crooked judiciary and then when we thought corruption was the worst thing the judges could resort to there is a shocking revelation and twist that will have viewers gasping in shock and revulsion.

Suffice to say the film released on the 1st of September, 1995 is a scream, featuring no less than five protracted scenes of necrophilia at the hands of the deranged, buck toothed graveyard keeper. It is quite astonishing that the film managed to get a censor’s certificate at all considering the grisly scenes of dead bodies being raped repeated several times during the course of the film. There is another quite brilliant murder scene in the court room where the judge himself fires a poisoned pellet from his pen, killing a key witness in the nick of time. It’s yet another slice of truly shocking cinema from the region that spawned such entities such as the Taliban.

In between the scenes of necrophilia, we have the usual obese beauties leaping around in the local rain drenched parks, changing costumes four times during each of the painfully tuneless songs of which there are at least half a dozen. One sometimes wonders whether the gyrating babes are perhaps a tad more horrifying than the scenes that are actually intended to be horrifying. A truly repulsive shocker, in keeping with the finest Pushto tradition this is a film that is an embarrassment from the first scene to the last. However, for those of you who are looking for the ultimate slice of trashy celluloid you can’t go wrong with this piece of humungous crud and in fact there is a wealth of simply astoundingly awful cinema waiting to be discovered here in Taliban land – an unmatched treasure trove.