Shamshaan (2001)


Shamshaan (2001)
Cast: Rani Sinha, Sagar, Mac Mohan, Shiva and Kiran Kumar
Director: R. K. Khanna
Music: Sawan Kumar & Ghulam Ali
Nutshell: Another vengeance seeking dead gang rape victim returns as a rubber masked monstrosity from the deepest and smelliest bowels of hell.


Budding romance between hunky aspiring cop and town beauty is tragically cut short when gorgeous Komal is trapped and gang-raped by her college friend Maria’s dastardly elder brother played by veteran Mac Mohan.

A typically grisly and protracted rape scene is followed by the victim’s death at the hands of the swinish rapists. The rapists decide to dump her in a shallow grave and carry on as though nothing happened yet in tried and tested Bolly-horror style all it takes is a very weird looking rock with Sridevi eyes that starts to utter some very strange cackling sounds causing the rape victim to emerge from the grave wearing a very cheap cut price Halloween mask. Very soon she starts to serenade her tormentors with some very bad songs about Bhatakti Roohs and Shamshaans but when that fails to kill them she opts for frightening them to death with her rubber mask. Fortunately for her, this method seems to do the trick and it isn’t long before she has worked her way through each of her tormentors.

Komal’s chain smoking boyfriend is frequently seen having ten minute slugfests with the local goons while his ghostly ex girlfriend soon finds herself the prerequisite white clothes worn by all vengeful ghosts.

Meanwhile the townspeople are baffled at the sequence of mysterious killings and it is left to dashing young police inspector from the 80’s Kiran Kumar to sort things out as only he can. Shamshaan is another excuse of a horror film with nothing at all going for it except for an interlude from a copycat comedian doing the Shatrughan Sinha bihari babu thing and doing it fairly well. Another of the rapists is also another of these mimes and this time he is doing a take on one of Bollywood’s infamous letches from the 70’s and beyond; Prem Chopra.

There is no shortage of ugly, chubby women wearing flimsy bikinis going for or returning from the obligatory shower. There is also much typical petting of podgy flesh and plenty of atrocious musical interludes in between as well. Also in the mix is a cut price Tantrik Baba and some stunningly inept death sequences.

In all honestly though, how could one expect any better from a film whose major attraction is two mimics and a song that goes….”Bum bum bum bum bum bum bum, log mujhe kahte hain atom bum”.