Urban Legend (1998)


Starring: Jared Leto, Alicia Witt, Rebecca Gayheart, Joshua Jackson, Tara Reid
Director: Jamie Blanks
Synopsis: Trashy horror near-classic is derivative of the Williamson flicks but fun


Reviled upon release by most respected critics, we I am afraid to say, loved every minute of it. This turned out to be the surprise package of the year – something from which nothing was expected yet it was in many ways the most enjoyable, trashy, fun slasher, whodunit since Scream.

Yes, it was highly derivative of the new Kevin Williamson style of post modern horror, no one is trying to deny that or make excuses or indeed claim that it was in any way original or even intelligent.

All we are saying is that it is major amounts of fiendish fun and contains the most hysterically funny and absolutely spot on opening for a horror movie we have ever encountered. What a cracker of a start with the girl arriving at the Gas Station and the gnarled, psycho-geek of an attendant played so marvellously by Brad Dourif, stammering as if he just escaped the Cuckoos Nest about to spring something really nasty.

She gets away, just, momentarily before doom strikes. It’s a breathtakingly enjoyable opening and sets the tone for the rollercoaster shocks and thrills that follow. Mindless, teenage slasher fun but the set pieces work rather well and it moves along at a rapid pace, enough for the glaring plot holes and inconsistencies to be overlooked.

The film is directed with heaps of style by a person we had never heard of before. It’s a shameless rip-off of all the Kevin Williamson films but does one thing really well and that is entertain. But your brain aside, grab a load of popcorn and indulge in this wonderful guilty pleasure‚Ķ it’s a gas and a riot throughout, but whatever you do, DO not miss the opening scene.