Gringo (1989)


Gringo (1989)
Starring: Mussarat Shaheen, Badar Munir, Neimat Sarhadi, Liaqat
Director: Saeed Ali Khan
Synopsis: Lurid rape scenes, comic book violence, filth and twisted morals…the usual!


In time honoured tradition the film opens with a marauding hood and his cronies arriving at some hapless old fogey’s shack to find a nubile young daughter and child to “enjoy”. The oldie is tossed aside and within two minutes of the films opening we are treated to scenes of a woman being beaten and tossed around by various henchmen as they prepare for the inevitable gang rape.

Amidst all this usual mayhem the audience is also treated to a quite spectacular bit of Tom Savini like gore when the child is brutally impaled on a rusty metal spear! Then just as the curvy young daughter has scampered through the rainstorm (that has rendered her clothes completely see through ) and is about to be devoured by the lead hood, a masked saviour arrives on the scene swinging his mighty spiked balls to gruesome effect. He has three balls rather than the usual number and steel spikes jut out of them. They are a fearsome piece of armour and he soon has the goons fleeing in terror from the onslaught of his awe inspiring balls!

The girl is saved and the masked chappie turns out to be Pushto cinema’s endearing superhero Badar Munir. Like every decent girl who has been through the shame of an attempted rape there is only one option; suicide. There can be no other way in a society where honour is all. So curvy village beauty leaps into the nearest stream of ankle high water catching old Badar off guard, but still he manages to jump in after her and though it seems like a lost cause, he manages to drag her back to shore where he proceeds to administer a most bizarre kind of first aid treatment. Though he seems to press all the right places, the beauty doesn’t respond to his touch and so when all seems lost all of a sudden a sagely, celestial voice over reminds him that according to certified medical information the only thing that can save the beauty from certain death is heat….and Gringo, as he is known, knows only one way to provide that lifesaving heat in the middle of a rain drenched jungle!

The film then wanders in various directions with various characters being thrown into the mix. The hoods known as the changaizi group threaten mayhem all over the province but an earnest young police officer is hot on their case as is his girlfriend lawyer who shakes a mean posterior in between her hectic court schedule. Finally we are introduced to Mussarat Shaheen who plays a fiercely dedicated cop with an axe (or is it ass) to grind. She nearly busts the changaizi gang single-handedly and has the main goon thrown into prison, but he soon escapes. When she is off duty our Mussy takes to the fields with her mates for frequent frolics in the rain. The director makes sure to clothe all the bulbous babe’s in flesh coloured body suits so when they are saturated in the rain, it appears that they are actually nude. It’s a technique fine-tuned to perfection by the directors of the wild frontier. There are a succession of close ups of panty line shots and creaking cracks, crevices, lumps and bumps that are shown so close up that it is often impossible to discern which part of the anatomy the director is homing in on. Usually one can make an educated guess!

Anyway, Gringo after much hardship eventually joins hands with the dashing police inspector to bring about the downfall of the changaizi gang, but that isn’t enough as it seems and they have to enlist the considerable talents of voluptuous cop siren Mussarat Shaheen to help them restore law and order. There are some rousing fight scenes along the way, especially the ones featuring Mussy where she uses her rump muscle to beat the opposition to a pulp or then thrashes the hoods with one of her numerous layers of blubber. A complete range of fabulous sound effects and echo’s have been used during the fight sequences……….exhilarating stuff. After all, could one expect any less from the creators of the masterful Haseena Atom Bomb.

Unfortunately Gringo doesn’t share the taut atmosphere and tension of Haseena being slowed down by far too many songs. It meanders along to its utterly predictable conclusion though not without a shock or two along the way. After the initial introduction of characters the film is basically one long sequence of lurid dance numbers, lurid rape scenes, extended fight sequences repeated several times over with an extra blood bath reserved for the conclusion.

We never really find out why Gringo got his particular name, but he dresses somewhat like a time warped, displaced cowboy if that makes any sense. Despite the close up shots of various creases and bulges of the human anatomy and the rain soaked gyrations galore, this remains just about the tamest of Pushto lot we have encountered so far, even then it’s a truly grotesque experience – as tasteless and cheap as one has come to expect, and admire? There is however (yet another homage to I Spit on Your Grave) one crowning moment of sheer brilliance in the movie when Mussy takes a pair of rusty garden shears to a rapist, butchering his privates in a scene to cherish for all time.

Badar turns in one of his effortless performances and it seems like he just walked from one set and movie to another without any problem as most of the characters are completely interchangeable and differ only by name, if even that. Mussy looks like a mutant in the last stages of pregnancy, in other words…breathtakingly delectable!

Though the film has star quality, a cool name and some truly smutty moments, it’s not in the class of sleaze as stuff like Shock Maar or some of the other stuff we have come across. The production values are non-existent and the direction is delightfully incompetent. It’s a truly dire film, but typical for the genre and a good party piece or torture implement, depending on how you look at it.

Typical pushto mayhem – quite surreal in its atrociousness. By the way its quite noticeable that it rains in EVERY song sequence in EVERY pushto movie even if the sun seems to be shining brightly! Just don’t get the effect without the rain!